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July 5, 2022 11:23 am

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My Opinion - By Michael Novakhov Russia News Review

1:40 AM 7/30/2018 – "It was a farce, a parody…"  – MASKS OFF: an interview with a Russian ex-troll – YouTube

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M.N.: This testimonial confirms that the Russian “trolling operations” were more for the show than anything else. This “ex-troll” insists that these “operations” were not under the professional Russian Intelligence Services umbrella but they were some amateurish and rather sloppy enterprise. This, the “commercial, for hire version” of trolling fits well conceptually with the German Hypothesis of the Operation “Trump”: these services were simply subcontracted by the others to create the impression of trolling and the crude interference. These trolling operations were not hidden but they were ostentatiously, on purpose, obvious. They were meant to be noticed and investigated. The same might apply to the 12 “GRU officers” indicted by Mueller: they are the former GRU officers. They might have been engaged commercially by the same German Intelligence through the intermediaries. There is no such thing as “former” GRU or any other security services officer. They might have kept their “alma mater” well informed about all these activities but it is possible that the highly professional GRU simply did not want to have anything to do with these sloppy, amateurishly obvious, semi-professional “operations” which were performed for hire and for the show. It is also possible that they know much more than this. That is why  the sharing of information by them, the GRU, and the other involved and well informed Russian agencies and organisations could be helpful for the investigations if it is offered and performed in good faith. And I hope that it will be offered in good faith, because eventually it might be beneficial for Russia, if the situation with her involvement is cleared, eased, or mitigated. 
I do not think, if I remember correctly, that I saw so far the definitive proof that those people were the active service GRU officers in 2016, at the time of the hacks. Maybe they were, but this proof has to be presented. 
Michael Novakhov
1:52 AM 7/30/2018

“It was a farce, a parody…”

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MASKS OFF: an interview with a Russian ex-troll – YouTube

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MASKS OFF: an interview with a Russian ex-troll – YouTube
A hacker explains Russia’s use of cyber warfare in 2016 U.S. election
Why Are So Many Leftists Skeptical of the Russia Probe?
Why Are So Many Leftists Skeptical of the Russia Investigation? – New York Magazine
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german hypothesis trump 9/11 – Google Search
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Mike Nova’s Shared NewsLinks
MASKS OFF: an interview with a Russian ex-troll – YouTube

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MASKS OFF: an interview with a Russian ex-troll

A hacker explains Russia’s use of cyber warfare in 2016 U.S. election

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‘Everything about Hillary Clinton had to be negative and you really had to tear into her. It was all about the leaked email, the corruption scandals, and the fact that she is super rich,’ says a former Russian troll

Published 7:30 AM, July 30, 2018
Updated 7:30 AM, July 30, 2018

The Soviet Union and now Russia under Vladimir Putin have waged a political power struggle against the West for nearly a century. Spreading false and distorted information – called “dezinformatsiya” after the Russian word for “disinformation” – is an age-old strategy for coordinated and sustained influence campaigns that have interrupted the possibility of level-headed political discourse.
Emerging reports that Russian hackers targeted a Democratic senator’s 2018 reelection campaignsuggest that what happened in the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election may be set to recur.
As an ethical hacker, security researcher and data analyst, I have seen firsthand how disinformation is becoming the new focus of cyberattacks. In a recent talk, I suggested that cyberwarfare is no longer just about the technical details of computer ports and protocols. Rather, disinformation and social media are rapidly becoming the best hacking tools. With social media, anyone – even Russian intelligence officers and professional trolls – can widely publish misleading content.
As legendary hacker Kevin Mitnick put it, “it’s easier to manipulate people rather than technology.” (READ: Tricks and techniques from Kevin Mitnick, the ‘world’s most famous hacker’)
Two sets of federal indictments – one in February and another in July – allege in detail how a private company linked to Putin and the Russian military itself worked to polarize American political discourse and sway the 2016 US presidential election.
Cybersecurity experts in the US knew that the Russian intelligence agencies were conducting these acts of information warfare and cyberwarfare, but I doubt they had any idea how comprehensive and integrated they were – until now.
Russia’s propaganda machine duped American voters
The operation was complex. What is publicly known now is perhaps most easily understood in two pieces, the subjects of separate federal indictments.
First, a billionaire Russian businessman and Putin associate allegedly assembled a network of troll factories: private Russian companies engaging in a massive disinformation campaign. Their employees posed as Americans, created racially and politically divisive social media groups and pages, and developed fake news articles and commentary to build political animosity within the American public.
Second, the Russian military intelligence agency, known by its Russian acronym as the GRU, allegedly used coordinated hacking to target more than 500 people and institutions in the United States. The Russian hackers downloaded potentially damaging information and released it to the public via WikiLeaks and under various aliases including “DCLeaks” and “Guccifer 2.0.”
Online trolls manipulated your opinions
The people involved did not fit the stereotypical picture of internet trolls. One leading Russian troll factory was a company called the Internet Research Agency, reportedly with all the trappings of a real corporation, including a graphics department to create incendiary images, a foreign department dedicated to following political discourse in other countries and an IT department to make sure trolls had reliable computers and internet connections.
Employees, mostly 18 to 20 years old, were paid as much as US$2,100 a month for creating fake social media accounts and blogs to distribute disinformation to Americans.
They were employed to take advantage of deepening political polarization in the U.S. The Russians saw this as an opportunity to stir up conflict – like poking a stick into a beehive. These trolls were instructed to stir up racial tensions, stage “flash mobs” and organize activist campaigns – sometimes announcing events for opposing groups at the same times and locations.
One ex-troll told a Russian independent TV network that his job included writing incendiary comments and creating fake posts on political forums: “The way you chose to stir up the situation, whether it was commenting [on] the news section or on political forums, it didn’t really matter.”
In 2015, well before the 2016 election, the troll-factory network had more than 800 people doing this kind of work, producing propaganda videos, infographics, memes, reports, news, interviews and various analytical materials to persuade the public.
America never stood a chance.
Below is an interview with a Russian ex-troll:
Focusing on social media
It’s no surprise that these Russian trolls spent most of their time on Facebook and Instagram: Two-thirds of Americans get at least some news on social media. The trolls spread out across both platforms, seeking to encourage conflict on any topic that was getting a lot of attention: immigration, religion, the Black Lives Matter movement and other hot-button issues.
When describing how he managed all of the fake social media accounts, the ex-troll said: “First, you gotta be a redneck from Kentucky, then you need to be a white guy from Minnesota, you’ve slaved away all your life and paid your taxes, and then 15 minutes later you are from New York posting in some Black slang.”
Then, the indictments reveal, the GRU entered this increasingly fraught online political discourse.
The GRU joins in
Like another significant political scandal, the GRU effort allegedly started with a break-in to the records of the Democratic National Committee, the formal governing body for the United States Democratic Party – but this time it was a digital burglary. It wasn’t particularly sophisticated, either, using two common hacking techniques, spearphishing and malicious software.
As the July indictment details, starting in March 2016, Russian military operatives sent a series of fake emails, disguised to look real, to more than 300 people associated with Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. One of the targets was Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, who fell for the scheme and unwittingly handed over more than 50,000 emails to the Russians.
Around the same time, the Russian hackers allegedly began searching for technical vulnerabilities in the Democratic organizations’ computer networks. They used techniques and specialized malicious software that Russians had used in other hacking efforts, including against the German Parliament and the French television network TV5 Monde.
By April 2016, the hackers had gained access to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee systems, exploring servers and secretly extracting sensitive data. They located a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee staffer who also had privileges in the Democratic National Committee systems, and thereby got into the Democratic National Committee networks too, extracting more information.
When the Democratic National Committee realized there was unusual data traffic in its systems, the group hired a private cybersecurity firm, which in June 2016 publicly announced that its investigation had concluded that Russia was behind the hacking. At that point, the Russians allegedly tried to delete traces of their presence on the networks. But they kept all the data they had stolen.
Opposing Hillary Clinton
As early as April 2016, the GRU was allegedly trying to use the Democrats’ confidential documents and email messages to stir up political trouble in the U.S. There is evidence that the Russian government, or people acting on its behalf, offered key people in the Trump campaign damaging information on Clinton.
In July 2016, the indictments say, the GRU began releasing many of the Democrats’ documents and email messages, mainly through WikiLeaks, an internet site dedicated to anonymous publishing of secret information.
All of this effort was, according to the indictments, set up to undermine Hillary Clinton in the eyes of the American public. Putin definitely wanted Trump to win – as the Russian president himself acknowledged while standing next to Trump in Helsinki in July. And the trolls were instructed to go after her savagely: A former Russian troll said, “Everything about Hillary Clinton had to be negative and you really had to tear into her. It was all about the leaked email, the corruption scandals, and the fact that she is super rich.”
The indictments describe in detail how information warfare and cyberwarfare were used as political tools to advance the interests of people in Russia. Something similar may be set to happen in 2018, too. – The Conversation | <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”></a>
Timothy Summers is the Director of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Engagement, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland.
Disclosure: Timothy Summers owns Summers & Company, a cyber advisory firm specializing in strategies involving cyber security, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies, using scholarship and practice techniques to evaluate management decisions to ensure that organizations can deal with a variety of uncertainty.
This article originally appeared in The Conversation.

Why Are So Many Leftists Skeptical of the Russia Probe?

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As you move from the right to the left of the ideological spectrum, skepticism of the Russia scandal gives way to suspicions that it covers up something serious. But somewhere on the left, right around the fault line where Barack Obama is deemed to have been a bad president, opinion turns back again toward skepticism.
The purest form of this sentiment on the far left is a vein of attacks that are almost indistinguishable from Republican rhetoric about the investigation. The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald has gone frominsisting evidence of Russian interference should be discounted until Robert Mueller produced some indictments to now saying indictments themselves should also be discounted. Greenwald regularly appears on Tucker Carlson’s show to dismiss the Russia witch hunt, as does The Nation’s Stephen F. Cohen. Aaron Matte, another Nation contributor, has scoffed at what he calls “alleged Russian meddling” (alleged?) and insisted that the Trump campaign’s solicitation of help from Russia is no worse than the Clinton campaign hiring a British investigator to uncover Trump’s ties to Russia: “lying to reporters is not an indictable offense, and neither is showing a willingness to obtain foreign dirt. During the 2016 contest, the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign accepted help from Ukraine and paid for the salacious and outlandish Steele ‘dossier’ from across the pond.” You see, Christopher Steele, like Natalia Veselnitskaya, is foreign, so it’s all the same.
Situated just to the right of this faction is a slightly less extreme form of skepticism about the Russia investigation. It does not justify or deny Russian hacking. Instead it criticizes liberals for caring too much about Russia, and posits that the Russia fixation is somehow preventing the left from prosecuting a populist case against Trump.
This is an argument more of mood and tone, relying more on implicit contrast than frontal challenge to the Mueller investigation. Commenters like Katherine Krueger at Splinter, Seth Ackerman and Corey Robin at Jacobin, and Osita Nwanevu at Slate have all expressed versions of this soft Russiagate skepticism. These critics do not all agree with each other on every point, but share certain overlapping tendencies. They are mostly or entirely willing to accept the known facts of the investigation. But they assume little else of importance will come of the investigation, and above all consider the issue to be overblown, a distraction at best, and the seeds of a dangerous backlash at worst.
“Putin didn’t single-handedly elect Trump over Clinton,” writes Krueger, rebutting an accusation that nobody has made. Surveying astonished reactions to Trump’s performance next to Putin, she asks:

It’s worth scrutinizing what people are really mad about when they tweet things like this. Are they most mad that Trump is siding against the American national intelligence community, which has a bloody legacy of influencing elections abroad when it suits its own interests and trampling its own citizens’ civil liberties? Are they angry that Trump continually refuses to admit black and white truth staring him in the face, which would give Clinton even a second of solace? Or are they most inflamed at the notion that the international order is shifting away from a place where American might comes first and must be deferred to in all matters of war, peace, and beyond around the world? Just some thoughts to ponder.

Ackerman asserts that the Russia investigation has produced “an atmosphere of nationalist fervor and anti-Russian paranoia.” Robin has decried “basically a form of moral panic.” The ideological impulse producing these sentiments is fairly straightforward. Russiagate casts Trump as an opponent of American sovereignty, and to the extent one views the weakening of American sovereignty as a positive good, Trump’s position appears sympathetic. Relatedly, Trump has occasionally attacked the idea that the United States government is more admirable or democratic than authoritarian states like Russia. Trump “said some things that were true,” wrote Robin during the campaign, “Like this: ‘When the world sees how bad the United States is and we start talking about civil liberties, I don’t think we are a very good messenger.’” His realpolitik alliance with Russia, and his premise that America has no right to hold its political system above Russia’s, strikes a chord in some precincts of the left.
A theme of their skepticism is a sense of frustration with the way the Russia investigation cuts across the electorate, and especially the political intelligentsia, in a way that frustrates their ideological project. While some leftists have disdained the Mueller investigation, many centrists and even some conservatives have supported it. By expanding the Democratic coalition into the center, at least temporarily, the Russia issue runs counter to their goal of repositioning the party to the left. An undercurrent of frustration expresses itself in sniping at the commonality between liberal Russia skeptics and right-of-center Russia hawks-turned-Trump critics like David Frum, Max Boot, and Bill Kristol. What’s more, Trump’s Russia policy has produced a quiet struggle pitting the president against the mostly standard-issue hawkish Republicans who staff his administration. Trump is the enemy of the left’s enemy.
This helps explain why the soft Russiagate skeptics see the issue as detracting from other lines of attack against Trump. “A disquieting number of pundits seem to prefer playing detective to engaging in meaningful politics,” complains Nwanevu, singling out my article on Trump and Russia as a focus of his critique. Of course, engaging in meaningful politics is not the job of a political analyst. I do agree (and have written) that self-dealing, not Russia, is Trump’s greatest political liability. But I can write the arguments I find most compelling and interesting without stopping to consider what will benefit the Democratic Party’s messaging strategy.
That said, the left may be underestimating the potential vulnerability the Mueller probe has opened up for the administration. A poll in May found that most Americans do not realize Mueller has uncovered any crimes, and that the news that he has indeed done so impresses them. It stands to reason that guilty pleas or convictions would have a pronounced impact on public opinion. If nothing else, it would be harder for Trump to harp on crime if his 2020 opponent can counter that Trump and/or his cronies are themselves a bunch of criminals.
What makes the schism over the Mueller probe so odd is that, unlike a division over rival candidates or legislation, it is an argument without any particular decision as an end point. Few leftists actually want to shut down the Mueller probe, or are even arguing that Democrats should refuse to investigate Russia if they gain congressional majorities. Some of the skeptics complain that Democrats are emphasizing Russia too heavily, but this complaint confuses liberal journalists and activists with Democratic politicians, who are mostly concentrating their rhetoric on health care and other economic issues.
In the meantime, journalists and close followers of politics are going to have a natural interest in the drama of a criminal investigation into the president of the United States and his family and advisers. This is especially true when the president has expressed through words and deeds his belief that he is entitled to immunity from legal prosecution, and indeed is entitled to direct law enforcement to harass his adversaries instead. It is very strange that the self-styled populist wing of the left is so indifferent to this project.

Why Are So Many Leftists Skeptical of the Russia Investigation? – New York Magazine

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New York Magazine
Why Are So Many Leftists Skeptical of the Russia Investigation?
New York Magazine
As you move from the right to the left of the ideological spectrum, skepticism of the Russia scandal gives way to suspicions that it covers up something serious. But somewhere on the left, right around the fault line where Barack Obama is deemed toand more »
german hypothesis trump 9/11 – Google Search

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Story image for german hypothesis trump 9/11 from The Nation.

The Elite Fixation With Russiagate

The Nation.Jul 26, 2018
President Trump and President Putin shake hands during a joint news … to Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and Kristallnacht, accompanied by bellicose calls for revenge. … project with Germany and badger NATO members to increase military spending. … Putin’s agenda is inconvenient to a collusion-and-kompromat hypothesis, so it is …
Story image for german hypothesis trump 9/11 from The Hans India

India to observe closely. Trump’s summit in Russia to create great …

The Hans IndiaJul 10, 2018
Trump’s summit in Russia to create great uncertainty and opportunity … and its allies to airlift supplies to the besieged German capital carved up between the four victorious powers of World War II. … Nato allies for the Afghanistan intervention after the 9/11 attacks in the US. … Clearly, the last hypothesis is inapplicable today.
Story image for german hypothesis trump 9/11 from The Times

Trump, trade and the implications for Nato

The TimesJun 12, 2018
The only time this was invoked, by the US after 9/11, all allies came to the support of the … There is a different sort of Germany at its European heart and a highly …
Story image for german hypothesis trump 9/11 from Daily Times

Daily Times

Living with Cognitive Dissonance: On Trump’s Decision to Leave the …

Telos PressMay 29, 2018
A central irony of the post-9/11 years has been that liberals, those whose values … especially the British, French, Germans, Russians, and Chinese, to overlook or …. The Iran nuclear deal tested the hypothesisthat a change in American policy …
german hypothesis trump 9/11 – Google Search

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The Meshuggah – Demiurge Or The German Hypothesis…/in-the-infinity-and-wilderness-of-mirrors-they-dance-the-meshuggah-de…

Jul 16, 2018 – … Mirrors They Dance: The Meshuggah – Demiurge Or The German Hypothesis Of The Operations “Trump” And “9/11” – By Michael Novakhov.

7:11 AM 7/26/2018 – Q.: Why is Mueller handing off key cases? A ……/711-am-7-26-2018-q-why-is-mueller-handing-off-key-cases-a-…

4 days ago – M.N.: If the “German Hypothesis” of the “Operations Trump and 9/11” (and those in-between, known and unknown) is properly investigated, and …

Big lie – Wikipedia

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”></a>

A big lie (German: große Lüge) is a propaganda technique. The expression was coined by … Later, Joseph Goebbels put forth a slightly different theory which has come to be more commonly associated with the expression “big lie”. Goebbels …

8:03 AM 7/23/2018 – M.N.: And what daz ziss mean, Herr Uhrlau? The ……/803-am-7-23-2018-m-n-and-what-daz-ziss-mean-herr-uhrl…

7 days ago – Trump Investigations Report. Current News | Reviews …. Or The German Hypothesis Of Operations “Trump” And “9/11”. By Michael Novakhov …

29/07/18 23:34 from 1. US Security from mikenova (64 sites) This RSS …

The Meshuggah – Demiurge Or The German Hypothesis Of The Operations “Trump” And “9/11” – By Michael Novakhov “Your Zeckendorf Towers of Powers …

Accidents Review: 7.20 – 7.24., 2018: Manhunt underway

6 days ago – President Trump puts NATO on notice – YouTube ….. All Posts on G+ | The “German Hypothesis” of the “Operations Trump and 9/11” – By …

Indiana’s Dan Coats caught in Trumpian maelstrom | Opinion

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putin – Google Search

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Story image for putin from

Russia navy parade: Putin flexes military muscle and showcases … hours ago
With Russian-US relations at their lowest point in years, 40 of Vladimir Putin’s finest fighting vessels have paraded through waters near St Petersburg.
Story image for putin from

Prankster puts up Putin portrait in spot meant for President Donald …

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”></a>5 hours ago
DENVER, Colo. — An unidentified prankster targeted the Colorado state capitol this week. The prankster placed a portrait of Vladimir Putin in an empty space …
Story image for putin from Axios

Thousands of Russians protest proposed hike in retirement age

Axios5 hours ago
Why it matters: The bill is deeply unpopular among Russians and has caused President Vladimir Putin’sapproval rating to drop considerably. Protestors at the …
Story image for putin from The World Game

Putin welcomes Russian team to Kremlin

The World Game5 hours ago
Putin welcomes Russian team to Kremlin. Russia’s World Cup party isn’t over just yet, as the hosts were honoured by president Vladimir Putin. Explore SBS.
Story image for putin from AMN Al-Masdar News

Russian Navy to get 26 warships, boats this year – Putin

AMN Al-Masdar News6 hours ago
This year, “the Russian Navy will get 26 new warships, boats and vessels, four of them equipped with Kalibr missiles,” Russian President Vladimir Putin told a …
Story image for putin from

Trump admires Russian government, wants to rule like Putin

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”></a>7 hours ago
Did Donald Trump or his campaign actively work with Russia during election? Does Russia have something on Trump? I do not know. But his cozying up to …
Turkey Plans Summit On Syria Conflict In September

mikenova shared this story from Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty.

Turkey is planning to hold a summit with France, Germany, and Russia in early September to discuss the Syrian conflict and other regional issues, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said.
In comments published by Turkish media on July 29, Erdogan said that the meeting would take place in Istanbul on September 7.
The Turkish leader gave no details about the issues on the agenda, but he said Turkey would continue dialogue with Russia, “outside of this foursome,” according to Hurriyet daily.
There was no immediate confirmation of the summit by Moscow, Paris, or Berlin.
Russia, along with Iran, has given Syrian President Bashar al-Assad crucial support throughout the seven-year war in Syria, which has killed hundreds of thousands of people and uprooted millions.
Turkey, France, and Germany support separate rebel groups.
Earlier this week, Erdogan met with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in South Africa, where the Russian leader attended a summit of BRICS countries on July 27.
Apart from Russia and South Africa, the BRICS group unites the emerging economies of Brazil, India, and China.
Erdogan also said that he would meet with Putin and Iranian President Hassan Rohani in Tehran in the near future, but he did not give an exact date.
The last such summit took place in Ankara in early April.
Following the talks, the presidents of Turkey, Russia, and Iran expressed determination to “speed up their efforts to ensure calm on the ground” in Syria and said they were committed to achieving a “lasting cease-fire.”l
While backing separate sides in the Syrian conflict, Turkey, Russia, and Iran launched a negotiations process last year in the Kazakh capital, Astana, which is competing with the UN-sponsored peace talks in Geneva.
Talks as part of the Astana process are to take place on July 30-31 in Russia’s Black Sea resort of Sochi.

With reporting by AFP and TASS
High stakes for Mueller’s Russia probe as Manafort trial set to begin

mikenova shared this story .

The first trial from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is set to begin Tuesday in Alexandria, Va., in what will serve as a major test of Mueller’s 14-month effort that has overshadowed the Trump presidency.
While Mueller has been examining Russian interference in the 2016 election — resulting in charges against 25 Russians and four former advisers to President Donald Trump — the case against Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chief, will delve into Manafort’s personal finances largely before his work on the campaign.
A conviction would provide Mueller momentum as he pushes to complete the investigation amid criticism from some Republicans that he is leading a partisan inquiry. An acquittal would give Mueller’s critics ammunition to push for a quick end to the special counsel’s operation.
Much is at stake for the president as well, since he has repeatedly dismissed the Russia probe as a “witch hunt.” A successful jury trial could blunt such characterizations. Manafort also faces a second, related criminal trial in Washington, D.C., after this one, and could face pressure to cooperate with Mueller, depending on the outcome of the first trial.
An expanded version of this report appears on

Why small and mid-caps could be the answer to trade-related jitters

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Trump Organization CFO thrust into legal spotlight.
How sellers trick Amazon to boost sales.

gerhard schroeder – Google Search

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Story image for gerhard schroeder from Aiken Standard

Letter: Trump has reason to dislike Nord Stream

Aiken Standard58 minutes ago
When Gerhard Schroeder was chancellor of Germany, President Putin orchestrated a deal to construct the longest underwater natural gas pipeline in the world, …
Story image for gerhard schroeder from The Express Tribune

Decimation of the left

The Express TribuneJul 26, 2018
Politicians like Bill Clinton, Blair and Germany’s Gerhard Schroeder won elections on free trade rather than leftist ideas, and such leaders helped steer their …
Story image for gerhard schroeder from The Augusta Chronicle

Letter: Behind the angst

The Augusta ChronicleJul 25, 2018
When Gerhard Schroeder was chancellor of Germany, President Putin orchestrated a deal to construct the longest underwater natural gas pipeline in the world, …
Story image for gerhard schroeder from Sü

“Einfach unerträglich”: Schröder kritisiert Maas im Fall Özil scharf

Süddeutsche.deJul 25, 2018
Der frühere Bundeskanzler und SPD-Vorsitzende Gerhard Schröder hat Außenminister Heiko Maas (SPD) für Äußerungen zum Fall Mesut Özil scharf kritisiert.
Story image for gerhard schroeder from U.S. News & World Report

U.S. News & World Report

Steve Bannon Wants to Lead Fascist Movement in Europe

Washington MonthlyJul 23, 2018
… of Merkel, accusing of her selling out to Russia because she hasn’t cancelled a gas pipeline that was set in motion by her predecessor Gerhard Schroeder.
Story image for gerhard schroeder from South Bend Tribune

Indiana’s Dan Coats caught in Trumpian maelstrom

South Bend TribuneJul 23, 2018
… Germans who turned out to show solidarity with America, with a visibly moved Coats embracing a clench-jawed German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder.

Making NATO great again

Parker City NewsJul 22, 2018
(As you may know: Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, now working for a company controlled by the Russian government, is in charge of Nord …
Story image for gerhard schroeder from

What to do with the 2 percent added for NATO military budget?

Manhattan MercuryJul 22, 2018
There are also rumors that Gerhard Schroeder, a former German chancellor, was more than happy. He became a top executive of the Russian controlled gas …
Story image for gerhard schroeder from

BRIAN HOWEY: Dan Coats in the middle of the Trumpian maelstrom

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”></a>Jul 22, 2018
… with America, with a visibly moved Coats embracing a clench-jawed German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder. It was the NATO alliance at its inspirational best.
Story image for gerhard schroeder from American Thinker (blog)

Trump is right about Germany and Nord Stream 2

American Thinker (blog)Jul 22, 2018
In his breakfast lecture, Trump temporarily shifted his criticism from Merkel to former German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder. Schroeder is a close friend of Putin …
Story image for gerhard schroeder from The Republic

Coats in middle of Trumpian maelstrom

The RepublicJul 21, 2018
… Germans who turned out to show solidarity with America, with a visibly moved Coats embracing a clench-jawed German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder.
Germany – Google Search

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Story image for Germany from Deutsche Welle

Germany: Lightning injures several at family birthday party

Deutsche Welle16 hours ago
Ten people were injured in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt on Saturday evening when lightning struck the roof of a barn where a family …
Story image for Germany from Reuters

Merkel’s conservatives hit 12-year low in German poll

Reuters16 hours ago
BERLIN (Reuters) – Support for German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative bloc, trying to move beyond a bitter dispute over migrant …
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Jewish Teens Enlisted to Fight Anti-Semitism in Germany

Voice of America3 hours ago
Sophie Steiert opens a bag of kosher gummy bears and offers them to 20 other German teenagers seated around her in their high school …
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Record drought grips Germany’s breadbasket

Phys.Org17 hours ago
Withered sunflowers, scorched wheat fields, stunted cornstalks—the farmlands of northern Germanyhave borne the brunt of this year’s extreme …
Merkel’s conservatives hit 12-year low in German poll

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PHNOM PENH (Reuters) – Cambodia woke to another chapter of rule by strongman Prime Minister Hun Sen on Monday, a day after his Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) declared victory in a general election that rights groups said was neither free nor fair.

Cambodia’s Prime Minister and President of the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) Hun Sen shows his stained finger at a polling station during a general election in Takhmao, Kandal province, Cambodia July 29, 2018. REUTERS/Samrang Pring

The White House said it would consider steps, including an expansion of visa restrictions placed on some Cambodian government members, in response to “flawed elections” in which there was no significant challenger to Hun Sen.
CPP spokesman Sok Eysan said on Sunday the party won an estimated 100 out of 125 parliamentary seats. The DAP news, a pro-government website, said later the CPP had won 114 seats. Two other parties, the royalist Funcinpec party and the League for Democracy Party, won five and six seats respectively.
More than 82 percent of those registered to vote cast a ballot, according to the National Election Commission. Turnout was 90 percent in the 2017 local election and 69.61 percent in the previous general election in 2013.
Critics say the election was a backward step for democracy in Cambodia following the dissolution last year of the main opposition Cambodian National Rescue Party (CNRP) and the jailing of its leader, Kem Sokha, on treason charges.
Former CNRP president Sam Rainsy, who lives in exile, said the election was a “hollow” victory for Hun Sen, a former Khmer Rouge commander who has ruled Cambodia for nearly 33 years.
The United States has imposed visa curbs on some Cambodian government members over a crackdown on critics and levied sanctions in June on a high-ranking official close to Hun Sen.
The European Union has threatened Cambodia with economic sanctions.
White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement Sunday’s vote “failed to represent the will of the Cambodian people”.
“The flawed elections, which excluded the country’s principal opposition party, represents the most significant setback yet to the democratic system enshrined in Cambodia’s constitution,” Sanders said, adding that the election campaign was marred by threats from national and local leaders.
“The United States will consider additional steps to respond to the elections and other recent setbacks to democracy and human rights in Cambodia, including a significant expansion of the visa restrictions announced on December 6, 2017,” she said.

Government spokesman Phay Siphan said the White House statement was an attempt to intimidate Cambodia.
“This is against the Cambodians who went to vote to decide their own fate,” Phay Siphan told Reuters.


Newspaper headlines in Cambodia on Monday greeted Hun Sen’s victory.
“CPP Dominates Election: Unofficial results show ruling party will increase its majority in the National Assembly,” said the pro-government Khmer Times newspaper.
Some independent media were targeted by Hun Sen and his allies in a pre-election crackdown.
Many polling stations in the center of the capital, Phnom Penh, appeared quiet on Sunday. Polling stations Reuters visited in the city were less than bustling and some voters said they voted because not doing so would land them in trouble.
The opposition CNRP had called on voters to boycott the election but authorities warned anyone doing so would be seen as a traitor.
At the Kapkor Market in Phnom Penh, Meas Sinuon, 60, said she was pleased with Sunday’s result.
“This government has done good things already,” she said as she shopped for groceries. “But I want the new government to do more to help the people.”
Another voter, a Phnom Penh tuk-tuk driver, described the result as “same same”.
“Hun Sen again,” said the man, who declined to be named because he feared for his safety.
Unofficial election results are expected in mid-August, with official results due in September.

Additional reporting by Mike Stone in WASHINGTON, and Chantha Lach and Juarawee Kittisilpa in PHNOM PENH; Writing by Amy Sawitta Lefevre; Editing by Paul Tait
The Rolling Stones – Paint It, Black (Official Lyric Video) – YouTube

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The Rolling Stones – Paint It, Black (Official Lyric Video)

бортников александр васильевич – Google Search

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Story image for бортников александр васильевич from РИА Новости

РИА Новости

Путин предложил облегчить для иностранцев поездки в Россию …

Фонтанка.РуJul 20, 2018
Александр Васильевич [Бортников] докладывал, что коллеги, с которыми наши специалисты работали в области безопасности, …
Story image for бортников александр васильевич from Российская Газета

Александр Бортников: Разрушение России для некоторых до сих …

Российская ГазетаDec 19, 2017
Александр Васильевич, 20 декабря российские органы безопасности отмечают вековой юбилей. А почему вы не ведете отсчет своей …
Террористы ушли в «автономный джихад»
InternationalГазета.RuDec 19, 2017
Story image for бортников александр васильевич from Радиостанция ЭХО МОСКВЫ (Блог)

«Бортниковка»: как глава ФСБ и его заместитель скрыли …

Радиостанция ЭХО МОСКВЫ (Блог)Jan 23, 2018
С 26 августа 2011 года Александр Васильевич Бортников, полный тезка директора ФСБ России, владел 28 сотками по адресу Заречная …
Постеснялись коррупции
InternationalРадио СвободаJan 24, 2018
Media image for бортников александр васильевич from Настоящее Время

Настоящее Время

Media image for бортников александр васильевич from Город-812


Media image for бортников александр васильевич from Радио Свобода

Радио Свобода
mueller investigation – Google Search

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Story image for mueller investigation from Psychology Today (blog)

The Projector in Chief

Psychology Today (blog)33 minutes ago
It emerges most clearly and unwittingly in his tweets about the Mueller investigation into his campaign’s ties to the Kremlin. Last Saturday (7/8), Trump tweeted: …
Story image for mueller investigation from The Hill (blog)

Christie: Trump-Cohen speculation now at ‘hysteria’ level

The Hill (blog)2 hours ago
Christie said on Sunday that Cohen’s case likely has nothing to do with Mueller’s investigation into possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, and …
Story image for mueller investigation from Washington Free Beacon

Continetti: Senate Republicans Like Trump, ‘Would Rather Robert …

Washington Free Beacon3 hours ago
Continetti responded that Senate Republicans, much like the Trump administration, would rather have Cohen and special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation …
Story image for mueller investigation from Fortune


Byron York: Why is Robert Mueller handing off key cases?

Cleburne Times-Review4 hours ago
Something has been going on with Robert Mueller’s investigation of people thought to have played significant roles in the Trump-Russia affair. The special …
German National Anthem – Deutschland Uber Alles (With Lyrics) – YouTube

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German National Anthem – Deutschland Uber Alles (With Lyrics)

Wisner Desmaret: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know –

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Wisner Desmaret: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
Wisner Desmaret, who is accused of shooting a Fort Myers police officer in the head, has a string of previous criminal cases in the Florida court system, and ICE has filed an immigration detainer against him. Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller died from hisand more »
artificial lightning as Israeli precision laser weapon drone discharged – Google Search

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Non Lethal Directed Energy Weapons

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Anti-personnel non lethal directed energy weapons include lasers, high power electro-magnetic pulse and directional acoustic weapons. One of the systems currently in use is the SaberShot laser dazzler – this hand held or weapon mounted low-power device uses 250Mw of 532nm green-laser. When directed at the target, the laser’s optics temporarily expand to generate a blinding light which penetrates smoke, fog at twice the range of white light. Modulation of such high intensity light cause disorientation, dazzle and blink reaction that reduces the target’s activity. Such weapon could be used to disorient and degrade performance of potential threats, such as snipers, or RPG launchers.
Other laser-guided directed-energy weapons work like “artificial lightning” to disable human targets or electronic circuits. Laser Induced Plasma Channel (LIPC) technology was developed by Ionatron to channel electrical energy through the air at the target. The interaction of the air and laser light at specific wavelength, causes light to break into filaments, which form a plasma channel that conducts the energy like a virtual wire. This technology can be adjusted for non-lethal or lethal use. LIPC operate at line of sight, allowing propagation of electrical pulses to be directed at a specific target. LPIC based weapon could, in theory, be fired around corners if mirrors were used.
Directed microwave energy is also utilized for non lethal weapon system applications. Raytheon’s Active denial System (ADS) is a non lethal, counter-personnel directed energy non-lethal weapon which can be used to protect fixed positions or from mobile as well as airborne platforms,  against human targets at distances beyond the effective range of small arms. A similar system is currently at an initial development phase at applied physics lab of the the Israeli Technion.
Directed Acoustic Weapons
In the past, acoustic non lethal weapons were primarily used as “flash bang” weapons. When blasted over a crowd or in a room, they created a loud noise and bright flash incapacitated people exposed to the effect for a few seconds. Flash bang charges are used on forced entry and counter-terror operations, when hostages are involved. As they indiscriminately hit every human exposed to the effect, operation of “flash-bang” requires precise timing and procedures to maximize effect on hostiles and eliminate potential damage to friendly forces.
Currently, acoustics are far more advanced than mere noise. Following the impressive technology advancement in solid state electronics, advanced acoustic systems are becoming operational. In 2004 American soldiers in Iraq were equipped with a Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) used for land based and naval applications. LARD works like a highly directional, high power megaphone, able to blast sounds (such as crowd-dispersal instructions in Arabic) in a narrow beam and with great clarity at a deafening 150 decibels (50 times the human threshold of pain). LRAD can also create deafening noises which can incapacitate people within 300 meters by “firing” short bursts of intense acoustic energy.

A different acoustic weapon is the vehicle mounted Acoustic Blaster, developed by PRIMEX Physics International. This weapon can be used for area denial, and against selected groups in crowds, mobs and rioters or in a hostile situation. The weapon can be operated by a single person. So far the system was developed as a prototype consisting of an array of four combustion detonation driven devices fired simultaneously or independently. The detonation creates an acoustic pressure of up to 165dB at a distance of 15 meters. The resulting acoustic pressure waveform can be optimized for acoustic-physiological coupling to targets for antipersonnel applications. The US Air Force Research Laboratory (ARL) is also working on a Sequential Arc Discharge Acoustic Generator (SADAG) which produces high-intensity impulsive sound waves generated by  electrical means.
A different acoustic weapon is the high power acoustic phased array of 36 horns which can focus the acoustic output at the target. The high power noise created within the target can incapacitate humans from a standoff range. The system can be mounted on a tactical vehicle, and radiate a narrow, high power steerable acoustic beam, disorientating humans. Both horizontal and vertical beams can be formed simultaneously to create a point effect within buildings.
A different application is the shockwave weapon, employing the Vortex Ring Gun system. Generating high power shockwave propagating at supersonic speed, Vortex ring Guns can generate high pressures which inflict considerable damage to a target, or carry a payload of kinetic or chemical agents over a distance beyond 20 meters.

Additional parts of this article:

RAFAEL: “The Majority of TROPHY Components are Manufactured by the American Defense Industry” | Defense Update:
The big danger of this approach is, that the components of the Rafael’s TROPHY made in the USA may by of lower quality, than the very same components mady in Israel by Rafael, and by its Israeli subcontractors…. The result of this could be, that the IDF’s Merkava Mk 4, Merkava Mk 3, and the Namers will, in the near future, be equipped by the lower quality APS systems. The whole production of the APS systems should be kept within Israel, even, if it’s going to cost extra !!!! And, the very same should apply to the IMI’s excellent IRON FIST systems, which could end up equipping a large number of US M2 Bradleys. IMI’s Iron Fist APS systems equipping future IDF’s armoured vehicles should be produced in Israel, even if it would cost the Israeli taxpayer more money…….

Is this the dawn of the death ray?

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Aside from looking incredibly cool, what is the point of a laser weapon? What advantages does it have over more conventional hardware? The most obvious one is that a laser is a beam of light and, as such, it travels at the speed of light. There’s been significant talk about how impressive a hypersonic missilethat can travel at Mach 7 (5,186 mph, 8,346 km/h) is, but light travels at 186,000 miles per second (300,000,000 meters per second). That works out to Mach 872,705. That is not only fast, it’s as fast as it’s possible to go, which means that the only warning you’d have of an incoming laser is when it hits you.
Israeli Artillery Corps poised for longer-range, improved precision strikes

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Barbara Opall-RomeOpall-Rome is Israel bureau chief for Defense News. She has been covering U.S.-Israel strategic cooperation, Mideast security and missile defense since May 1988. She lives north of Tel Aviv. Visit her website at <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”></a>.

Торжества по случаю 1030-летия крещения Руси • Президент России

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  • Торжества по случаю 1030-летия крещения Руси.
  • С Патриархом Московским и всея Руси Кириллом (справа) и Патриархом Александрийским и всея Африки Феодором на торжествах по случаю 1030-летия крещения Руси.
  • Патриарх Московский и всея Руси Кирилл (справа) и Патриарх Александрийский и всея Африки Феодор на торжествах по случаю 1030-летия крещения Руси.
  • На торжествах по случаю 1030-летия крещения Руси.
  • На торжествах по случаю 1030-летия крещения Руси.
  • С Патриархом Московским и всея Руси Кириллом (справа) и Патриархом Александрийским и всея Африки Феодором на торжествах по случаю 1030-летия крещения Руси.
The Doors – Riders On The Storm – YouTube

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The Doors – Riders On The Storm

Deadly Calif. Fire Rages Into Seventh Day – YouTube

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Deadly Calif. Fire Rages Into Seventh Day