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We do need some hard facts and cooperation in this matter – 2:27 PM 10/2/2018

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На совещании с членами Правительства.

На совещании с членами Правительства.
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2 октября 2018 года Москва, Кремль

“That boy, on the banner, St. George, the State, is the Boss (not just me); and he is absolutely clean and innocent, just like these white papers under his banner. We plead not guilty so far in that Salisbury Poisoning Affair”, that’s what Mr. Putin seems to signal, according to my associations. This interpretation or the fantasy of mine might be right or wrong, but we do need some hard facts and cooperation in this matter, and the sooner the better, while the traces still are warm. The  truth discovered in this investigation will benefit all and could provide the further valuable clues.