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Voice of America – English: Eyewitness Video Shows Beached Whale on Tasmanian Sandbar

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Eyewitness video captured one of hundreds of beached pilot whales, still breathing, that washed up off the shore of Australia’s southern island of Tasmania, Wednesday, September 23. 


READ MORE: Rescuers are trying to save scores of whales beached in the Australian state of Tasmania. Earlier this week, a pod of 270 pilot whales were found stranded on sandbars. Two hundred more were discovered a short distance away Wednesday.   

The stranding of about 470 pilot whales on the west coast of Tasmania is the largest ever recorded in the state’s history.   

Two hundred seventy animals were found washed up on sandbars Monday, prompting a rescue operation involving wildlife experts, the police and volunteers. They have managed to return some of the whales into deeper water and coax them back out to sea. It is a challenging task. Pilot whales can grow up to seven meters long and weight three tons.   

But dozens of the pod discovered Monday have died, and Australian wildlife experts believe most of the 200 whales found beached 10 kilometers away Wednesday have not survived.     



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