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Voice of America – English: Kyrgyzstanis are Voting in Parliamentary Elections

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Voters in Kyrgyzstan are casting their ballots Sunday in the country’s parliamentary election in which 16 parties are competing for the 120 seats in the legislature. 

The turnout seems to be higher than in the previous elections.  

“I think there will be a renewal because the people have understood. I’ve never seen such a long line at previous elections. That means people have understood what they’re voting for, who they want to follow and what will happen. That’s why there’s such a long line,” said Bishkek resident Raya Abysheva. 

The current parliament is dominated by a coalition with the Social Democratic Party (SPDK) having the most seats, 38, and some voters would like to see a change. 

“I voted for the Meken Kyrgyzstan party and I really genuinely hope in the development of our country,” said Munara Zhenishbek Kyzy, a Bishkek resident. “I really want for our city and country to develop and that’s why I voted for them, they appealed to me the most. I hope that fresh faces will change our country.” 

Former Kyrgyz president and SPDK chairman Almazbek Atambayev was arrested on corruption charges in the summer of last year and sentenced to 11 years in jail.   

The Kyrgyz parliament has significant powers, including the appointment of the prime minister and has occasionally countering the power of the president and Cabinet. 


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