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Voice of America – English: 36 Million People Worldwide Infected with Coronavirus

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The world now has more than 36 million cases of the coronavirus.    

According to figures compiled by Johns Hopkins University’s coronavirus tracking program, 36,166,574 people across the globe have been diagnosed with COVID-19, including more than 1 million deaths.  

The United States leads in both categories with 7.5 million cases and nearly 212,000 deaths. India is a close second in the total number of cases with 6.8 million, while Brazil topped the 5 million mark Wednesday.  

Brazil is second in the total number of deaths with more than 148,000, with India third with over 105,000. 

Memorandum from White House physician Sean Conley to White House press secretary McEnany with information about President Trump receiving a dose of Regeneron’s polyclonal antibody cocktail on Oct. 2 2020.


U.S.-based biotechnology firm Regeneron says it has applied to the Food and Drug Administration for emergency approval of the experimental coronavirus antibody therapy that was given to President Donald Trump after he was hospitalized last week with COVID-19.  

The company says the therapy is a combination of two antibodies that are believed to boost a person’s immunity to the virus. Although the therapy is still in large-scale clinical trials, it has been available for so-called “compassionate use,” which the FDA must approve on an individual basis.  

Regeneron says there currently are enough doses for about 50,000 patients, but expects to have doses available for 300,000 patients “within the next few months,” which will be free to all Americans.  

EU vaccine deal

Meanwhile, the European Commission announced Wednesday it has reached a deal with U.S.-based pharmaceutical giant Gilead to buy additional doses of the COVID-19 antiviral drug Remdesivir to treat about 3,400 patients. The drug, which has been approved by the World Health Organization to treat severely or critically ill coronavirus patients, has also been given to President Donald Trump after his treatment.

Olivier Veran, France’s health minister, will announce a new set of restrictions Thursday to deal with the country’s surge of new COVID-19 cases. The Reuters news agency is reporting the government will put the cities of Lyon and Lille on maximum COVID-19 alert. Paris and Marseille were put on maximum alert earlier this week, resulting in the closure of bars in the French capital for two weeks.   

France reported upwards of 7,500 new coronavirus patients in hospital care Wednesday, out of a record-high 18,746 daily new infections. 

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