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Voice of America – English: Girl Plays with Pet Snake During Israel’s COVID-19 Lockdown

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Eight-year-old Inbar Regev plays with her pet python, Belle, in a small pool in her backyard at her family’s animal sanctuary in the Israeli town of Ge’a, Wednesday, October 7.  

Inbar said Belle is good company during a coronavirus lockdown that has kept schools closed over the past few weeks. 

“It helps me pass the time because I really like to hang out with snakes and sometimes I help snakes shed (their skin) and I help them to be happy during coronavirus,” Inbar said. 

Sarit Regev, Inbar’s mother, said the two grew up together. 

“Inbar was raised with all these animals and she was raised with the snakes. When Inbar was little she swam inside the bath with the snake and now she has grown up and the snake got bigger, so they swim together in the pool. It’s very natural for us,” she said. 


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