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Voice of America – English: Argentines Protest Fernandez Government, Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

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Traffic came to a standstill in Buenos Aires, Monday, October 12, as large crowds turned out in their cars to protest against the government of President Alberto Fernandez. 

Protesters expressed a number of grievances against the Fernandez government, ranging from the state of the economy, lockdown measures across the country, and proposed judicial reform. 

Latin America’s third-largest economy was in a deep crisis already before the pandemic hit. The health crisis is now expected to shrink around 12% this year, driving millions into poverty and leaving almost six out of every ten children and adolescents below the poverty line, United Nations data show. 

Argentina’s government has also launched a bid to reform the judiciary by increasing the number of federal courts, diluting the power of those that already exist, in what critics have labelled as an attempt to manipulate the court system. 


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