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Voice of America – English: Armless Pakistani Snooker Player Masters Game with Only His Mouth

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Muhammad Ikram flexes the muscles around his mouth and quickly pushes the cue ball with his lower lip across the table, making a straight shot straight into the corner pocket. 

His opponents apply chalk to their cue sticks as Ikram lines up his mouth just behind the cue ball for another shot. 

The 32-year-old, who was born without arms, is now well-known among the local snooker community for being able to master the art of the game by only using his mouth. 

Born into a poor household, Ikram grew up with eight other siblings and never received a formal education.  

From an early age he enviously watched other children in his home city of Samundri playing snooker and developed a strong interest in the game. He eventually began practicing in secret, hitting a cue ball with his mouth on an empty table. 

Practice paid off and Ikram has gained the respect of snooker players in Samundri. 


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