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Russia | The Guardian: Ice storm leaves thousands without power in Vladivostok

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Russian city brought to a standstill, as hurricanes and cyclones strike elsewhere in world

Vladivostok in Russia became enveloped in ice last Thursday, leaving 150,000 people without electricity and water. Heavy rain in subzero temperatures resulted in the ice storm, with rain instantly freezing on contact with cold surfaces across the city. Cars were encased in ice and trees collapsed, bringing the region to a standstill as transport links and energy infrastructure were destroyed.

Hurricane Iota, a category 5 hurricane and this year’s most powerful in the Atlantic, made landfall on the north-east coast of Nicaragua last week, just 15 miles (24km) from where the category 4 hurricane Eta hit. With the two hurricanes making landfall within two weeks of each other, Iota’s 160mph sustained winds and heavy rainfall obstructed efforts to clear up after Eta, with the region facing a humanitarian crisis.

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