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Voice of America – English: Investigators in Tennessee Blast Looking at Link to Suburban Nashville Home

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U.S. authorities are continuing to investigate the Christmas Day vehicle explosion in the southern city of Nashville, Tennessee, looking for clues in a home about 18 kilometers from the blast site.    

Investigators suspect a link to a resident of the duplex in the suburb of Antioch. They say the person might have blown himself up in the recreational vehicle that had been parked in an area filled with country music bars and restaurants.     

But authorities are running down hundreds of tips about the blast and have not reached any conclusions about the explosion, which they have described as an “intentional act” and “deliberate bomb.”    

The Friday morning blast damaged dozens of buildings and sent three people to the hospital with what police said were noncritical injuries.    

Neighbors near the home said a light-colored recreational vehicle like the one that blew up had been parked in the backyard for several months.    

Authorities say they have not found any evidence so far that point to other possible conspirators or threats of other explosions.    

Investigators on Dec. 26, 2020, walk near the scene of an explosion in Nashville, Tenn. The explosion early Friday shattered windows, damaged buildings and left several people wounded.

On Saturday, communication networks remained disrupted throughout Tennessee. The blast knocked out residential phone and cellphone service as well as service at 20 call centers for 911, the number used to contact emergency personnel. Business and governmental functions were impacted, and flights at Nashville International Airport were stopped for a while.   

Tony Rodriguez, the resident in the other half of the duplex authorities were investigating, told The Washington Post that he never spoke to his neighbor and didn’t know his name.    

Rodriguez said on a few occasions, he saw the man adjusting an antenna above the house or power-washing the driveway behind their home. Rodriguez said the man posted several “No Trespassing” and warning signs around the property, particularly where he kept the recreational vehicle. 

The city street where the explosion occurred remained sealed off and under curfew as investigators searched the wreckage. 


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