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May 28, 2022 6:44 pm

Michael Novakhov - SharedNewsLinks℠

5:11 AM 3/25/2021 – To #FBI from M.N.: It sounds like a “#TellingName”, a combination of English and Russian: Ah, Mad?! =Ahmad; ali wi? al Lisa’? (Ru: Is this we? Is this Lisa’? – Fox). Very likely it points to #TOC – #RedMafia – #NewAbwehr.

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Not to see this “hidden message” is the investigative error of omission. The FBI is engaged into this very convenient for them exercise in selective and willful blindness for years and decades, that is why they are so “successful” in their work and their “fight” against the TOC – Transnational Organized Crime, which is the key explanation and the source of all the recent calamities. 

“King Soopers” is not a “random sign on the wall”, it does have a meaning also; it is difficult to “decode” it presently. 

Michael Novakhov | 5:11 AM 3/25/2021