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May 28, 2022 7:41 am

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Voice of America – English: VOA Newscasts (2 Minute)

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Russia News

“russia as mafia state” – Google News: Big Tech’s outsized influence over aspects of everyday life draws state-level pushback – KTLA

Big Tech’s outsized influence over aspects of everyday life draws state-level pushback  KTLA

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Russia News

“russia france” – Google News: Miami Open Results | Agate | – Columbia Missourian

Miami Open Results | Agate |  Columbia Missourian

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Главные новости – Google Новости: В Крыму оценили планы Киева депортировать россиян с полуострова – РБК

  1. В Крыму оценили планы Киева депортировать россиян с полуострова  РБК
  2. На Украине пригрозили «выдворить» россиян из Крыма после его возвращения
  3. В Киеве пригрозили выдворить россиян из Крыма  РИА НОВОСТИ
  4. В Киеве захотели выдворить россиян из Крыма  Газета.Ru
  5. В Думе оценили угрозы Киева «выдворить» россиян из Крыма  РБК
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“Russian elites” – Google News: Foreign Experts Consider Likelihood Of Frexit Extremely Low – Analysis – Eurasia Review

Foreign Experts Consider Likelihood Of Frexit Extremely Low – Analysis  Eurasia Review

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Russia News

Voice of America – English: Britain’s Johnson Criticizes ‘Disgraceful’ Attacks on Police at Protest

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Saturday criticized what he called “disgraceful attacks” on police officers after protests over a new policing bill in the city of Bristol turned violent, resulting in 10 arrests.

Local police said a demonstration involving more than 1,000 people Friday afternoon had been largely peaceful, but a minority had shown hostility to police later in the evening.

“Last night saw disgraceful attacks against police officers in Bristol. Our officers should not have to face having bricks, bottles and fireworks being thrown at them by a mob intent on violence and causing damage to property,” Johnson tweeted.

“The police and the city have my full support.”

Police in riot gear had beaten back crowds of protesters with shields and batons.

Large demonstrations are not allowed because of coronavirus restrictions, and police have urged people not to attend even peaceful protests.

On Saturday, a peaceful demonstration against the policing bill in Manchester, where protesters lay down on tram tracks, was ended by police, who made 18 arrests, citing disruption to the transport network.

But Bristol has seen the most dramatic protests. Last Sunday, two police officers were seriously injured and at least two police vehicles set on fire in the city after a peaceful protest turned violent.

The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts bill would give police new powers to impose time and noise limits on street protests.

That has angered activists, and scrutiny of police tactics has increased since a heavy-handed response to a London vigil for murder victim Sarah Everard.

Matthew Dresch, a journalist for the Daily Mirror newspaper, on Friday filmed a policeman hitting him as he shouted “What are you doing? I’m press.”

In a tweet accompanying the video, Dresch said: “Police assaulted me at the Bristol protest even though I told them I was from the press. I was respectfully observing what was happening and posed no threat to any of the officers.”

Police said they were aware of the video and were trying to contact the journalist.


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Главные новости – Google Новости: Источники рассказали о планах испытаний ‘Цирконов’ в 2021 году – РИА НОВОСТИ

  1. Источники рассказали о планах испытаний ‘Цирконов’ в 2021 году  РИА НОВОСТИ
  2. Фрегат «Александр Горшков» провел стрельбы в Баренцевом море  Известия
  3. Завершились летно-конструкторские испытания ракеты «Циркон»: утерли нос США  Московский Комсомолец
  4. В США рассказали о самом опасном оружии ВМФ России  Федеральное агентство новостей No.1
  5. Фрегат «Адмирал Горшков» запустил ракету «Оникс» и отстрелялся артиллерией в Баренцевом море  Телеканал “Звезда”
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Voice of America – English: Death Toll from Egypt Building Collapse Climbs to 18

The death toll from the collapse of a nine-story apartment building in Cairo has climbed to 18 people, according to Egyptian state media.

The building collapsed in the Egyptian capital early Saturday. State newspaper Al-Ahram said that search and rescue workers recovered the bodies over the course of the day.

Excavators could be seen digging through the debris in the el-Salam neighborhood Saturday morning. Police cordoned off the area, keeping back the curious and people apparently looking for relatives in the building.

“They took four people out in front of me, who looked like they were almost gone,” said Mohamamed Mostafa, a resident of the neighborhood.

At least 24 others were injured and taken to hospitals, according to a morning statement by Khalid Abdel-Al, the administrative head of Cairo governorate. The tally of those killed by his office stayed at nine as of Saturday evening.

It was not immediately clear what caused the building’s collapse. An engineering committee was formed to examine the structural integrity of neighboring buildings, Abdel-Al said.

Building collapses are not uncommon in Egypt, where shoddy construction is widespread in shantytowns, poor city neighborhoods and rural areas.

With real estate at a premium in big cities like Cairo and the Mediterranean city of Alexandria, developers seeking bigger profits frequently violate building permits. Extra floors often are added without proper permits.

The government has recently launched a crackdown on illegal building across the country, jailing violators and in many cases destroying the buildings.


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Voice of America – English: US Politics Update: Biden Presser

John Fortier, resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and Jim Kessler, senior vice president for policy at Third Way, discuss the issues dominating US President Joe Biden’s first formal news conference including the migrant surge at the US southern border, voting rights legislation, the controversy over the filibuster and prospects for an ambitious infrastructure bill with host Carol Castiel.

Download audio:

4015160 Voice of America – English

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Voice of America – English: Two Men in Seattle, San Francisco Face Anti-Asian Hate Charges

Prosecutors in Seattle and San Francisco have charged men with hate crimes in separate incidents that authorities say targeted people of Asian descent amid a wave of high-profile and sometimes deadly violence against Asian Americans since the pandemic began.

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Los Angeles and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area on Saturday, the latest in a series of rallies in response to what many said has become a troubling surge of anti-Asian sentiments.

“We can no longer accept the normalization of being treated as perpetual foreigners in this country,” speaker Tammy Kim told a rally in Los Angeles’ Koreatown.

On Friday, prosecutors in King County, Washington, charged Christopher Hamner, 51, with three counts of malicious harassment after police said he screamed profanities and threw things at cars in two incidents last week targeting women and children of Asian heritage, The Seattle Times reported Saturday.

In San Francisco, Victor Humberto Brown, 53, made a first court appearance after authorities said he repeatedly punched an Asian American man at a bus stop while shouting an anti-Asian slur.

Charges elevated

Brown was initially booked on misdemeanor counts, but prosecutors recently elevated the case to a felony, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. He said in court that he has a post-traumatic stress disorder.

In Seattle, according to court documents, Hamner yelled profanities and threw things at a woman stopped at a red light with her two children, ages 5 and 10, on March 16. Three days later, authorities said, Hamner cut off another car driven by an Asian woman, yelled a profanity and the word “Asian” at her and then threw a water bottle at her car after charging at her when she pulled into a parking spot.

Hamner was being held on $75,000 bail on Saturday. It wasn’t immediately clear if Hamner, who has not yet made a court appearance, had retained an attorney or would be assigned a public defender.

Protestors march at a rally against Asian hate crimes past the Los Angeles Federal Building in downtown Los Angeles , Saturday,…

Protesters march against anti-Asian hate crimes past the Los Angeles Federal Building, March 27, 2021. The crowd demanded justice for the victims of the Atlanta spa shootings and for an end to racism, xenophobia and misogyny.

In the first instance, the woman told her 10-year-old daughter to try to take a cellphone photo of the man. The woman, identified by KIRO-TV as Pamela Cole, posted about the incident on social media and a friend’s husband identified Hamner as a possible suspect.

The second woman who was accosted had a dashboard camera in her vehicle that captured the license plate of the other car, which is registered to Hamner, according to court documents. The police detective investigating the case reviewed the video and determined the women’s assailant “was clearly Hamner,” according to the charges.

Cole, who said she identifies as part Chinese and part Malaysian, told KIRO-TV she felt like “a sitting duck” when Hamner approached her car, hitting his fists together and screaming at her to “Get out! Get out!” while spewing profanities about her Asian heritage.

“I was in complete shock. ‘Are you talking to me?’ ” Cole told the station.

“He jumps out of the car and he’s charging at us,” she said. “That was the scariest part for me.”

‘Get out of my country’

In San Francisco, Ron Tuason, an Army veteran of Filipino, Chinese and Spanish descent, told the Chronicle he was at a bus stop in the city’s Ingleside neighborhood on March 13 when Brown approached him, yelling, “Get out of my country,” before using a racial slur meant to denigrate Asian people. Tuason said Brown also said, “It’s because of you there’s a problem here.”

Tuason, 56, said he believes Brown was referring to the coronavirus. Brown punched him multiple times, he said, knocking him to the ground. He suffered a black eye and a swollen cheek as a result of the attack and said he’s also experiencing memory loss.

Police found Brown shortly after Tuason called 911.



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