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May 27, 2022 6:42 pm

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As Ukraine-Russia crisis worsens, threat of war looms, World News

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The border situation in Russia- Ukraine could turn into a full-blown war any moment.

Russians have deployed tens of thousands of troops on the border with Ukraine and the US says Russia’s military build-up is bigger than in 2014.

It was then when Russia had annexed Crimea from Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has invited his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin for talks.

But the Russian president is in no mood for a compromise.

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This report tells you how Putin is testing the resolve of the West.

There are satellite images that show the Russian military activity in Crimea.

They show how Russia is stepping up its deployments near Ukraine with aircraft, vehicles at airbases and training areas.

Ukraine assesses that Russia will soon have more than 120,000 troops on the border.

Left with no options, Zelensky sent a message from Kiev to Moscow, inviting Putin for talks. 

But, it doesn’t look like Moscow wants a dialogue.

Tensions escalated this week when Russia carried out more military exercises in the Black Sea.

Reports say the Russians are planning to block parts of these waters, a move that could impact access to Ukrainian ports.

Those living near the borders are afraid and many people have begun to leave their homes.

People who are still around fear that war could soon break out.

For the US, Russia still remains the aggressor.

Ukraine’s other ally, the European Union believes it would take just a spark to set off a confrontation.

An assessment that was validated by Putin himself.

The Russian president used his annual state of the union speech to deliver a warning to the West.

The Russian military build-up has been going on for weeks now, but what’s motivating Moscow’s aggression still remains unclear.

Either Russia is posturing, by putting pressure on Kiev or this is a serious bid to launch an offensive against Ukraine, a former state of the erstwhile Soviet Union.

Either way, it is another test for US President Joe Biden.