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May 27, 2022 1:28 am

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Russia News: Europe: Russia orders troops to pull back from Ukraine border

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Military personnel to return to barracks but remain in ‘state of readiness’, defence minister says

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The post Europe: Russia orders troops to pull back from Ukraine border first appeared on Russia News.

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На совещании в Крыму генерал армии Сергей Шойгу отметил что цели внезапной проверки достигнуты полностью.


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The post RSS: Министр обороны РФ принял решение завершить внезапную проверку боеготовности войск Южного, Западного военных округов и ВДВ first appeared on Russia News.

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Russia says it is ending military buildup at Ukrainian border

Russia on Thursday said it would be ending its massive military buildup at the Ukrainian border, which has increased tensions with Ukraine, the United States and other western countries. Russia said troops would be ordered to return to their…

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