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August 19, 2022 6:46 am

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1. Russia

RSS: Встреча руководителей поисковых организаций состоялась в Ялте

Коллеги поделились опытом работы, обсудили вопросы подписания соглашения о сотрудничестве и дальнейшем взаимодействии в рамках всероссийской «Вахты памяти».


1. Russia

“shoigu” – Google News: Kazakhstan: Russia-led alliance’s troops prepare to pull out – Las Vegas Sun

Kazakhstan: Russia-led alliance’s troops prepare to pull out  Las Vegas Sun

“shoigu” – Google News

1. Russia

“russia and the west” – Google News: ELN Resources and Recommendations on Russia-West Dialogue – European Leadership Network

ELN Resources and Recommendations on Russia-West Dialogue  European Leadership Network

“russia and the west” – Google News

1. Russia

“Russia Ukraine” – Google News: US warns ‘drumbeats of war’ are sounding as Ukraine crisis talks with Russia end with no breakthrough – CNN

US warns ‘drumbeats of war’ are sounding as Ukraine crisis talks with Russia end with no breakthrough  CNN

“Russia Ukraine” – Google News

1. Russia

Voice of America: Dartmouth to Offer ‘Need Blind’ Admissions to Foreign Students

In an attempt to attract more foreign students, Dartmouth College in New Hampshire says it will admit international students regardless of their ability to pay tuition.

International students will be admitted through a “need blind” process used for U.S. students.

The college charges about $80,000 per year for tuition and accommodation.

“Talent is spread all across the world,” college president Philip Hanlon told the Financial Times. “We want to remove any financial barriers. This move benefits every student on campus, not just international ones. Tomorrow’s leaders have to be global citizens. By us bringing together students from all over the world … they will learn from their peers.”

A variety of factors has led to decreased numbers of international students applying to U.S. colleges. These include rising costs, stricter visa policies and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dartmouth said its most recent class took in 14% international students, compared to 8% in 2013 when Hanlon took charge.

A handful of other universities is taking similar measures.

In the Dartmouth College statement, Hanlon said that while there was no target, he expected “international applications will skyrocket” and would not be surprised if the proportion reached 25 percent in the coming decade.

“Dartmouth has stepped up recruitment abroad, diversifying from students often drawn from richer families in Canada, Europe, China and India to offer financial aid to those from countries such as Kenya, Vietnam and Brazil,” the report said.

Voice of America

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Sikorski sharply towards Lavrov. “If you try again you’ll get a kick in the balls” – SparkChronicles

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from SparkChronicles.





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Russia warns of Cuba, Venezuela deployment if tensions mount

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MOSCOW (AP) xe2x80x94 A senior Russian diplomat warned on Thursday that a Russian military deployment to Cuba and Venezuela canxe2x80x99t be excluded if tensions with the United States mount.

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, who led the Russian delegation in Mondayxe2x80x99s talks in Geneva, said in remarks televised Thursday that he would neither confirm nor exclude the possibility that Russia could put its military infrastructure in Cuba and Venezuela. The negotiations in Geneva and Wednesdayxe2x80x99s NATO-Russia meeting in Vienna failed to narrow the gap on Moscowxe2x80x99s security demands amid a buildup of Russian troops near Ukraine.

Speaking in an interview with Russian RTVI TV broadcast, Ryabkov noted that xe2x80x9cit all depends on the action by our U.S. counterparts,xe2x80x9d noting that Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that Russia could take military-technical measures if the U.S. acts to provoke Russia and raise military pressure on it.

Ryabkov said that the U.S. and NATO have rejected the key Russian demand for guarantees precluding the alliancexe2x80x99s expansion to Ukraine and other ex-Soviet nations, adding that the stark difference in approaches raises doubts about the possibility of continuing the talks.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. APxe2x80x99s earlier story follows below.

MOSCOW (AP) xe2x80x94 The Kremlin on Thursday said it deplored the lack of progress in talks on Moscowxe2x80x99s demand for security guarantees against NATOxe2x80x99s eastward expansion and strongly rebuffed Western calls for a pullback of Russian troops from areas near Ukraine.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov also warned of a complete rupture U.S.-Russian relations if proposed sanctions targeting Russian President Vladimir Putin and other top civilian and military leaders are adopted. The measures, proposed by Senate Democrats, would also target leading leading Russian financial institutions if Moscow sends troops into Ukraine.

Russia and the West took uncompromising stands during the talks this week to discuss the tensions over Ukraine. While Moscow demanded a halt to NATO expansion, Washington and its allies firmly rejected them as a nonstarter.

Mondayxe2x80x99s Russia-U.S. talks in Geneva and Wednesdayxe2x80x99s Russia-NATO meeting in Brussels failed to narrow the gap, although the parties left the possibility open for future talks on arms control and ways to prevent military incidents between Russia and the West.

Peskov noted xe2x80x9csome positive elements and nuancesxe2x80x9d during the talks, but noted stark disagreements on Russiaxe2x80x99s key demands.

xe2x80x9cThe talks were initiated to receive specific answers to concrete principal issues that were raised, and disagreements remained on those principal issues, which is bad,xe2x80x9d he said in a conference call with reporters.

Peskov criticized the proposals by Senate Democrats as an attempt to up the pressure on Moscow during the talks, saying it wouldnxe2x80x99t work.

xe2x80x9cIt concerns sanctions, which taking into account the inevitable adequate response, effectively amount to an initiative to rupture relations,xe2x80x9d he warned, adding that Russian will respond in kind to protect its interests.

The talks come as an estimated 100,000 combat-ready Russian troops, tanks and heavy military equipment are massed near Ukrainexe2x80x99s eastern border. The buildup has caused deep concerns in Kyiv and the West that Moscow is preparing for an invasion. Russia denies that itxe2x80x99s pondering an invasion and in turn accuses the West of threatening its security by positioning military personnel and equipment in Central and Eastern Europe.

Peskov rebuffed the Westxe2x80x99s calls for Russia to help deescalate tensions by pulling back troops from areas near Ukraine, noting that the country is free to move them wherever it deems necessary on its own territory.

xe2x80x9cItxe2x80x99s hardly possible for NATO to dictate to us where we should move our armed forces on the Russian territory,xe2x80x9d he said.

Peskov emphasized that Russia is ready to continue the talks but wants them to produce results. xe2x80x9cThere will be no deficit of a political will to continue the negotiations,xe2x80x9d he said.

Tensions revolving around Ukraine and Russiaxe2x80x99s demands on the West again appeared on the table at Thursdayxe2x80x99s meeting of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Vienna.

Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau, who assumed the position of the OSCE Chairman-in-Office, noted in his opening speech that xe2x80x9cthe risk of war in the OSCE area is now greater than ever before in the last 30 years.xe2x80x9d

xe2x80x9cFor several weeks, we have been faced with the possibility of a major military escalation in Eastern Europe,xe2x80x9d he said. xe2x80x9cWe have recently heard a demand for security guarantees related to an important part of the OSCE area and the renewed discourse about spheres of influence. All these aspects require a serious international assessment and a proper reaction.xe2x80x9d

Rau emphasized the need to xe2x80x9cfocus on a peaceful resolution of a conflict in and around Ukraine … in full respect of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and unity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders.xe2x80x9d

In 2014, Russia annexed Ukrainexe2x80x99s Crimean Peninsula after the ouster of its Moscow-friendly leader and threw its weight behind a separatist insurgency in the countryxe2x80x99s east, where more than seven years of fighting has killed over 14,000 people.

A 2015 peace deal brokered by France and Germany has helped end large-scale battles, but frequent skirmishes have continued and efforts to negotiate a political settlement have failed.


Emily Schultheis reported from Vienna.

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NATO and Russia Talk Frankly, but Past One Another for Now

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BRUSSELS xe2x80x94 After four hours of talks with Russia, NATO leaders said that they were willing to engage in serious diplomacy with Moscow over arms control and missile deployments in Europe, but they rejected outright Russian demands that the alliance stop enlargement, pull back its forces from member states bordering Russia and guarantee that Ukraine will never join.

xe2x80x9cSignificant differencesxe2x80x9d remained between NATO and Russia, and xe2x80x9cour differences will not be easy to bridge,xe2x80x9d said the NATO secretary-general, Jens Stoltenberg, after the meeting.

xe2x80x9cThere is a real risk for new armed conflict in Europe,xe2x80x9d Mr. Stoltenberg said, one that would carry severe economic and other costs to Moscow, he added, and would bring about new military deployments in member states near Russia.

The United States and its NATO and European Union allies are pressing Russiaxe2x80x99s president, Vladimir V. Putin, to abandon any further invasion of Ukraine, pull back his troops and engage in reciprocal diplomacy on Russiaxe2x80x99s security concerns xe2x80x94 and NATOxe2x80x99s.

Mr. Stoltenberg said that NATO allies urged Russia to xe2x80x9cimmediately de-escalate the situation in Ukraine,xe2x80x9d where close to 100,000 Russian troops have massed near the borders, and to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of its neighbors. Russian representatives did not commit to pulling back the troops, nor did they reject the demand, officials said.

NATO allies reaffirmed their refusal to accept Russian demands to stop further enlargement with countries that wished to join the alliance and to withdraw all allied troops from NATO members bordering Russia. Those demands were repeated after the talks by the Russian deputy foreign minister, Aleksandr V. Grushko, a former permanent representative to NATO from 2012-18.

xe2x80x9cThis is a principled position, and we will not move from it,xe2x80x9d he said. But he called the meeting xe2x80x9crather honest, direct, deep and comprehensive,xe2x80x9d adding: xe2x80x9cBut at the same time, it showed a great amount of divergence on fundamental questions.xe2x80x9d

xe2x80x9cThis was a heart-to-heart discussion,xe2x80x9d Mr. Grushko said. xe2x80x9cI think we were able to communicate to the members of the alliance that the situation is becoming unbearable.xe2x80x9d It was a chance to remind NATO that Russia, too, may have a say in the future of European security, which could xe2x80x9ccarry risks,xe2x80x9d Mr. Grushko said. xe2x80x9cWe support peaceful solutions based on balance,xe2x80x9d he said.

Mr. Grushkoxe2x80x99s comments indicated that Russia, for now, was not closing the door to further diplomacy, even though it has not committed to talks beyond this week. Russian officials said earlier this week that they would wait until the end of a full week of talks xe2x80x94 which began with an informal dinner in Geneva on Sunday and will wrap up on Thursday in Vienna xe2x80x94 before making a decision on how to continue.

Russian officials deny that the country is planning to invade Ukraine, but Mr. Putin has warned of an unspecified xe2x80x9cmilitary-technicalxe2x80x9d response if the West does not agree to Russiaxe2x80x99s demands. Mr. Grushko reiterated that warning, without adding clarity to it.

xe2x80x9cIf NATO moves on to a policy of containment, then there will be a policy of counter-containment from our side,xe2x80x9d Mr. Grushko said. xe2x80x9cIf there is deterrence, there will be counter-deterrence.xe2x80x9d

Wendy R. Sherman, the deputy secretary of state who led the U.S. delegation to the talks, called some of Russiaxe2x80x99s demands xe2x80x9csimply non-startersxe2x80x9d and emphasized NATOxe2x80x99s offers to Moscow for diplomacy.

Briefing reporters in Brussels, Ms. Sherman said that NATO officials laid out for the Russians areas xe2x80x9cwhere we can work together and make real progress,xe2x80x9d including on arms control, missile deployments, risk reduction and greater transparency in military exercises.

Mr. Stoltenberg said that NATO allies offered Russia a series of further meetings on wider issues of European security, including the issues Ms. Sherman raised. But while the Russian delegation was generally positive, he said, they would not or could not commit to a new meeting. That is another indication that even Russiaxe2x80x99s top diplomats may not know what Mr. Putinxe2x80x99s intentions really are.

Ms. Sherman said that she hoped that after this long week of discussions with top Russian representatives, which continues on Thursday in Vienna, that they xe2x80x9cwill return to Moscow and that they will brief the president of Russia, and that they will all appreciate and understand, and the president of Russia will agree, that diplomacy is the correct path.xe2x80x9d

She said the decision was up to Mr. Putin. xe2x80x9cIf Russia walks away,xe2x80x9d she said, it would be xe2x80x9cquite apparent that they were never serious about pursuing diplomacy at all.xe2x80x9d

Washington and its allies promise xe2x80x9csevere costs and consequencesxe2x80x9d if Russia further invades Ukraine, imposing xe2x80x9ca severe price on Russiaxe2x80x99s economy and financial system,xe2x80x9d Ms. Sherman said.

Moscowxe2x80x99s choice will be important for the fate of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, meant to transport natural gas from Russia to Germany in the future, Ms. Sherman repeated. xe2x80x9cFrom our perspective, itxe2x80x99s very hard to see gas flowing through the pipeline or for it to become operational if Russia renews its aggression on Ukraine.xe2x80x9d

The pipeline, which is not yet operational, is a Russian geopolitical project that undermines the security of a xe2x80x9csignificant part of the Euro-Atlantic community,xe2x80x9d she said.

The meeting at NATOxe2x80x99s Brussels headquarters was the second stop in a diplomatic roadshow focused on the Kremlin, after talks in Geneva on Monday between Russian and American officials. The meeting on Thursday in Vienna with the 57-member Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, including Ukraine, will take place at a lower diplomatic level xe2x80x94 with ambassadors rather than foreign ministers and other top officials.

If Russia decides to pursue its aims diplomatically rather than go to war again in Ukraine, some of the negotiations on future European security will take place under the auspices of the O.S.C.E.

The Russian delegation at NATO was led by Mr. Grushko and the deputy defense minister, Aleksandr V. Fomin. They spoke at length at the start of the meeting, laying out Russiaxe2x80x99s demands and concerns. In the subsequent exchanges, all 30 NATO members spoke with what Ms. Sherman called xe2x80x9camazing unityxe2x80x9d on NATOxe2x80x99s core values, which include its openness to any country that wishes to join and qualifies to do so.

Before Wednesdayxe2x80x99s meeting, Mr. Grushko told reporters that xe2x80x9cthe moment of truth in our relationship with the alliance is arriving,xe2x80x9d according to Russian news agencies.

xe2x80x9cThis wasnxe2x80x99t an easy discussion, but that is exactly why this meeting was so important,xe2x80x9d Mr. Stoltenberg said, adding that NATO allies and Russia had xe2x80x9ca very serious and direct exchange on the situation in and around Ukraine, and implications for European security.xe2x80x9d

The United States and its NATO allies hope that Mr. Putin will decide to negotiate, as he is now confronted with threats of punishing economic sanctions and new deployments in NATO allies bordering Russia, like Poland and the Baltic countries.

The issue of new deployments is a live discussion, the Estonian prime minister, Kaja Kallas, told Reuters. xe2x80x9cOf course, we are discussing with our allies to increase their presence here to act as a deterrent,xe2x80x9d she said. xe2x80x9cIf you look at the map, the Baltic states are a NATO peninsula and therefore we have our worries.xe2x80x9d

Polish officials also seemed pleased with the American and NATO responses to Moscowxe2x80x99s demands. xe2x80x9cOur position is clear,xe2x80x9d Lukasz Jasina, the spokesman for Polandxe2x80x99s foreign minister, said. xe2x80x9cOnly NATO and member countries decide about NATO matters. And no one else.xe2x80x9d

Russia is a neighbor but cannot be allowed to pressure others, said Polandxe2x80x99s deputy foreign minister, Marcin Przydacz. xe2x80x9cWhat Russia has left is intimidation, but as this smaller partner, with a diminishing role in the world, the argument that xe2x80x98if you do not listen to us, we will beat the smaller colleaguexe2x80x99 cannot be taken into account.xe2x80x9d

After Mondayxe2x80x99s talks, Sergei A. Ryabkov, who led the Russian side, warned that if the West did not agree to Russiaxe2x80x99s demands to pull back NATOxe2x80x99s footprint in Eastern Europe and reject any future membership for Ukraine, it would face unspecified consequences that would put the xe2x80x9csecurity of the whole European continentxe2x80x9d at risk.

The Americans and Russians say that after this week, they will discuss whether to keep talking.

That is, unless Mr. Putin decides to argue that Washington and its allies do not take Russiaxe2x80x99s demands seriously xe2x80x94 and chooses to use this week as a pretext to go to war.

Anton Troianovski reported from Bratislava. Reporting was contributed by Monika Pronczuk in Brussels and Michael Crowley in Washington.