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Opinion: Father of slain Russian commentator Darya Dugina has been fiercely critical of Putin

Russia accuses Ukraine of currently being at the rear of the assault, elevating the specter of retaliatory assaults by Russia. Ukraine denies any involvement.

Dugina was the daughter of Alexander Dugin, an influential nationalist thinker who has several admirers in the global significantly proper. It seems possible that he was the meant concentrate on due to the fact he reportedly switched autos at the final minute. Soon after the explosion, a close friend of Dugina’s told the Russian state information company TASS the adhering to, as reported in a CNN tale: “Dasha (Darya) drives yet another automobile, but she drove his motor vehicle now, and Alexander went independently.”
Dugina was herself a climbing star of the nationalist right, propagating her father’s neo-imperialist planet view. For instance, in September 2021 she printed an post citing the function of Nazi jurist Karl Schmitt on the principle of Großraum (Better realm), defending the plan that a top electricity these types of as Russia should really rule around neighboring territories.
Much of the media, together with the Wall Avenue Journal and Washington Article, is describing her father as a “Putin ally” — or even as “Putin’s brain,” the mental architect of Putinism. Other people argue that this exaggerates Dugin’s influence, pointing out that he has in no way held an official governing administration place and does not look to have a direct personal marriage with Russian President Vladimir Putin. “The two men have never been photographed jointly,” The Guardian described.
Though some nationalists condemn Putin for launching a war from a fellow Slavic people, Dugin is among the all those nationalists who criticize Putin for not pursuing the war in opposition to Ukraine much more aggressively. His most the latest posting — likely composed just before the car or truck bombing and released on a nationalist web-site on Aug. 21, the day after his daughter’s demise — calls for routine alter in Russia, arguing that the current system are not able to endure much more than 6 months.

Dugin complains that regular Russians are going about their daily life “as if nothing was going on,” and urged Putin to step up the war in Kyiv against the “Atlanto-Nazi regime,” a phrase coined by Dugin to claim Zelensky is a Nazi and a Western puppet. He ridiculed the Kremlin’s fears about handling the Russian presidential election in 2024, suggesting it need to be postponed. He concluded ominously: “Enable the outdated routine bury its lifeless. A new Russian time is coming. Relentlessly.”

Dugin has extended been a gadfly for Putin. In 2014, Dugin was an enthusiastic supporter of the annexation of Crimea and the pro-Russian uprisings in Ukrainian metropolitan areas of the Donbas. He advocated the development of Novorossiia , or New Russia, through jap and southern Ukraine, and said in a video to followers, “I assume we ought to kill, eliminate, eliminate [Ukrainians], there are not able to be any other talk.”
Dugin and other Russian nationalists were being dismayed when the Kremlin rejected that plan in 2014. Putin refused to overtly dedicate Russian troops to protect the Donbas, and alternatively pursued a policy of negotiating autonomy for Donbas in just a sovereign Ukraine (the Minsk accords). Since of his criticism of Putin, Dugin was fired in July 2014 from his place as a professor at Moscow State University and was mainly saved off the most important Russian tv channels. (Nowadays, he largely seems only on the Russian Orthodox-nationalist Tv channel Tsargrad.)
It was not until Feb. 21, 2022, that Putin altered tack and formally recognized the Donbas “people’s republics” as sovereign states impartial of Ukraine. Dugin welcomed the invasion of Ukraine, but along with other nationalists he complained that the war was not being pursued aggressively more than enough.
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Hardline nationalists have been offended that the Kremlin experimented with to tranquil the Russian inhabitants, insisting that it was not a “war,” just a “specific military procedure.” Putin has not purchased a common mobilization, which would have identified as up thousands and thousands of reservists. As a substitute, the military is relying on agreement troopers, lured by salaries of $4,000 a thirty day period. Dugin and his acolytes want complete war with Ukraine and with the West.
As the war drags on, with no indicator of a apparent victory for Russia, Putin have to be anxious about preserving political security in the confront of mounting economic complications. Arrests of road protestors and rigorous media controls have kept public dissent to a least. But in social media, these kinds of as Telegram, and on some internet internet pages, hardline nationalists are permitted to vent their anger with the Kremlin. Presumably Putin resists shutting down these voices for dread that it could possibly trigger open resistance, or possibly simply because they have supporters inside of the armed forces.
On Monday the FSB, Russia’s Federal Protection Company, declared that they experienced found the offender who had allegedly planted the bomb: a 43-calendar year-aged Ukrainian girl, Natalya Vovk, who just after the killing fled to Estonia with her young daughter in a Mini Cooper. This was a suspiciously fast piece of detective perform by the Russian authorities, as preceding investigations of assassinations took months, usually without having resolution. The tale of this alleged culprit has been denied by Ukraine.
The possibility that Dugin was qualified by someone inside the security companies, to rid Putin of this troublesome critic, can’t be ruled out. Russia has a extended and unsavory record of the assassination of political opponents at household and abroad. Some of these killings ended up carried out immediately by brokers of the protection services, the FSB and GRU (armed service intelligence) other individuals were dedicated by hired assassins.

We may never know who in fact killed Ms. Dugina. But in a war which has previously charge tens of countless numbers of lives, this may well convert out to be the first time that the war has been brought residence to Moscow.

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