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Putin’s Ukraine Options Limited – Bloomberg


A late-day order for Russian soldiers to depart Kherson caused a significant tactical setback for the Russian army, and Putin’s decision to skip next week’s Group of 20 summit in Indonesia highlights his dwindling diplomatic influence, according to Bloomberg News.

Credible reports of these incidents highlighted the difficulties Russian President Vladimir Putin is currently experiencing as a result of his attack on Ukraine.

According to the analysis, attending the G-20 would not be worth the risk of Putin receiving severe widespread criticism for his invasion from U.S. President Joe Biden as well as other world leaders.

The report argues that the Kremlin doesn’t want to be affiliated with failings that contradict the president’s assumption that Kherson and multiple other Ukrainian territories have been permanently annexed.

There is no indication that Putin is prepared to declare peace and end the war despite the fact that his diplomatic ties and domestic problems continue to worsen.

In search of some diplomatic help, Putin may have turned to the leaders of China and India but both countries have recently expressed their displeasure: Xi alerted on the use of nuclear weapons, and Modi’s foreign minister specifically stated in Moscow that developing nations are suffering “pain very acutely” as a result of the conflict’s escalation of food and energy insecurity.

The announcement of the withdrawal was made in a meeting that was broadcast on television, however, Putin was not available during the broadcast.


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