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NFL: Deshaun Watson officially cleared to return to football

(NewsNation) — Deshaun Watson is returning to the football field.

According to NewsNation affiliate FOX 8 in Cleveland, Ohio, the former three-time Pro Bowler, first-round draft pick and college national champion — who led the NFL in passing yards in 2020 — has been reinstated back into the league.

The NFL said in an emailed statement Watson had been cleared as he met all stipulations required of him.

“He was provided clearance to return to games by his treatment experts who informed the union, the league, and his club.” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told the station in an email.  

Watson, 27, was accused of sexual assault and harassment during massage therapy sessions by two dozen women while he played for the Houston Texans — a violation of the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy.

In taking “accountability for the decisions” he made, Watson agreed to serve an 11-game suspension, pay a $5 million fine, as well as undergo a disciplinary process that included professional evaluation by behavioral experts and a treatment program.

McCarthy adds that Watson’s status will change to active and will appear on the daily personnel notice Monday afternoon, although it is still uncertain whether the Browns will name him the starter over Jacoby Brissett against the Houston Texans on Dec. 4 this upcoming Sunday.

Watson has settled up to at least 20 lawsuits, but two remain, FOX 8 reported Monday. Watson is not facing criminal charges.