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“If more missiles fly in, our reaction will be even more massive”


Russian troops may possibly check out to boost the range of missiles in the upcoming barrage they could start at Ukraine, but this suggests the Defense Forces will deliver a more durable reaction.

This was stated by the spokesman for the Air Drive Command, Yuriy Ihnat, on the air of a nationwide telethon, when answering the concern of whether the enemy may perhaps test to deploy an even bigger number of missiles than it was throughout former assaults, Ukrinform studies.

“The enemy is trying (to improve the number of missiles — ed.), of program, but we have found how many of these missiles there are and which ones can perhaps strike Ukraine. These are Kalibr, Kh-101, and Kh-555 missiles, of which Russia hasn’t as well a lot of. How lots of planes have been furthermore deployed? If we are conversing about 20 at the minute, each individual airplane can have at least 8 missiles. So, if you multiply, it turns out that the range of aircraft is as well massive to rely on various these strikes. Thus, it could be additional or considerably less, in accordance with the targets that the enemy intends to strike… Therefore, we will glimpse at how the developments go: if a lot more missiles fly in, our response will be even more substantial,” Ihnat assured.

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As Ukrinform noted previously, the Ministry of Defense reported these days that the Air Pressure is completely ready to repulse one more missile attack by the Russian invaders.

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