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Hakeem Jeffries in pole position as House Democrats pick successor to Pelosi – live


Democrats hope to use time in minority to unite against Republicans; Congress scrambles to pass government funding bill

Good morning, and welcome to the politics live blog.

House Democrats today will formally elect new leadership. After nearly two decades at the helm, speaker Nancy Pelosi and majority whip Steny Hoyer are stepping down to make way for a younger, more diverse roster of party leaders.

Rail unions are decrying Joe Biden’s call to Congress to impose a contract on rail workers after months of labor negotiations. House Democrats indicated a vote on an agreement will take place as early as today.

Congress is also scrambling to pass a government funding bill by December 16. Democrats are considering how much they can do before they lose their majority in January.

The National Christmas Tree Lighting is set to take place at 5:30 pm ET.

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