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The 8 fastest-growing jobs in the US

Truck driverTruck driver was one of the jobs considered “on the rise” in the US according to a new list from LinkedIn.

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  • LinkedIn has published its annual “Jobs on the Rise” report for the US, highlighting hot fields.
  • The list arrives amid a tight job market but also at a time of economic uncertainty.
  • Head of revenue operations took the top spot, followed by human resources analytics manager.

Looking for a hot new job for the new year? 

How does “head of revenue operations,” sound? Or what about “sales enablement specialist?” Or even “truck driver?”

These roles are among the fastest-growing in the US, according to LinkedIn’s newly published 2023 Jobs on the Rise list. LinkedIn’s list, which the networking platform compiled using job-growth rates from the start of January 2018 to the end of July 2022, is based on its data from members. 

Andrew McCaskill, a LinkedIn career expert, told Insider that the pandemic gave people new perspectives on their professional lives. 

“People now think of their jobs as vehicles, not the destination,” he said. “They want the job that’s in front of them to get them where they want to be long term.”

That’s why jobseekers are getting more strategic and looking for roles that have momentum and are in demand in the job market. Indeed, many of the jobs on this list have grown directly because of the pandemic’s effect on the economy and the workplace, according to McCaskill.

For instance, HR functions, including “human resources analytics manager,” and “employee experience manager,” occupy three of the top eight spots. 

“A lot of jobs on this list are ones that help companies do more with less,” he said. “HR is indispensable as employers are trying to meet the demands of their workers.”

Below are the titles that made the top of the US list with information from the new report. The salary range for each title, when available, comes from LinkedIn.

8. Growth marketing managerA woman is writing on a whiteboard and two people are standing in the background looking at the whiteboard

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Growth marketing managers are responsible for analyzing data to drive revenue by, for instance, increasing market share or improving customer acquisition and retention, said LinkedIn.

This job has a remote-work availability of about 48%, per the report, making it an attractive job for those who want to work outside of an office. New York City is one top city hiring for this role, as are San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The pay for this role varies from $60,000 to $132,000, according to the report.

7. Advanced practice providerThree medical professionals walking together

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The healthcare industry has been hard hit by staffing shortages as workers like nurses are feeling burned out. Some have ended up quitting

While the industry deals with hiring woes and retention issues, advanced practice provider is one fast-growing job in the healthcare industry. 

For those looking to change roles but remain in the industry, this job could be one that they already have the experience and skills for. The report notes that intensive care nurses, family nurse practitioners, and emergency room nurses were the top roles workers transitioned from for this kind of job.

6. Sales enablement specialistFour people sitting together at a table and two people are talking to each other in the background

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One growing sales job over the last five years is sales enablement specialist, which has a salary range of $50,000 to $157,000.

According to LinkedIn, this fast-growing job helps sales teams by not only improving processes but also by providing tools and trainings.

Job seekers looking to land this kind of role typically need a few years of experience. According to job site ZipRecruiter, although a job candidate for this role might sometimes need a bachelor’s degree to apply for a company, the site states that “a high school diploma or GED certificate and at least one year of sales experience” is needed for this job.

The job may also be of interest to those who prioritize remote work in their search as the LinkedIn report notes that this has a remote-job availability of about 48%.

5. Employee experience managerTwo groups of people talking

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The Great Resignation shows little signs of slowing. Since early 2021, workers have been quitting and changing jobs at record levels, making for an exceptionally tight job market. With employees looking to leave their workplaces for different reasons, companies need to think about how they can retain talent as well as recruit in the year ahead.

Enter the employee experience manager.

“Companies don’t want to lose the talent they’ve worked so hard to hire, so they’re putting a lot of effort into helping their employees function at the highest level as they pivot from remote to hybrid,” McCaskill said. 

The new list from LinkedIn notes that this job entails overseeing supporting employee engagement, well-being, and development and training.

4. Truck driverTruck driverTruck driver was one of the jobs considered “on the rise” in the US according to a new list from LinkedIn.

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While some of the top growing jobs are various kinds of managers, the No. 4 spot is truck driver. 

“Transportation, logistics, and everything around supply chains have been big themes of this pandemic,” McCaskill said.

According to the LinkedIn findings, two Texas cities are considered top locations hiring for this job: Dallas and Houston. According to May 2021 estimates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual pay for heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers was $48,310.

Projection data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics also predicts an increase in employment from 2021 to 2031 of 4%. BLS states that the demand for this job “should rise as households and businesses increase their spending and their demand for goods.”

3. Diversity and inclusion managerA woman is standing and talking to coworkers who are sitting in chairs

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Diversity and inclusion manager took the No. 3 spot on the list.

“DEI work has become even more important so that the employee experience is universal and inclusive for everyone,” McCaskill said. “Workers have a lot of options and they want to be at places where they feel valued.”

The salary ranges from $60,000 to $145,000, according to the LinkedIn data and this job typically needs a few years of experience — a median of three to five years. This job, per LinkedIn, has seen more than 50% growth over the last five years.

2. Human resources analytics managerTwo colleagues sitting at a table together

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Human resources analytics manager has seen massive growth from January 2018 through July 2022, growing by almost 60%. People in this job are responsible for compiling, analyzing, and communicating all HR-related metrics, and statistics within a company, such as job performance, turnover, and worker demographics, said LinkedIn.

Growth in this role is attributable to employers’ need to better understand their workforces and make smarter decisions when it comes to recruitment, retention, and legal compliance, according to McCaskill.

“They also want to make sure people feel like they can come to work, be themselves and fit in, and make an impact,” he said.

According to the LinkedIn report, this salary range is $41,600 to $122,000. This job tends to require various analytical knowledge. For instance, the report notes the statistics programming language R as one common skill.

1. Head of revenue operationsPeople are sitting at a table for a meeting and one person is presenting a chart on a screen

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The No. 1 fastest-growing job this year was head of revenue operations, which McCaskill said is a clear indication that “money matters.” This job, LinkedIn found, has seen 80% growth over the last five years — from January 2018 through July 2022.

For this top role, job seekers might need to have analytical skills; the report says that data analysis is one common skill needed for this job. The job also typically needs several years of experience. According to the report, the median years of prior experience is five to six years.

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