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Insider’s One Planet destination zeroes in on the innovations and actions taking on the climate crisis

Screen grab of new One Planet site on Insider

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  • Insider’s One Planet destination launches today.
  • The section will focus on how people can take action to address the climate crisis in their homes, businesses, and communities. 
  • One Planet will include stories from Insider’s entire global newsroom.

In September 2022, Insider published its first Climate Action 30 list, featuring 30 global leaders working toward climate solutions. Honorees were invited to use the Insider platform to issue calls to action that would inspire our audience to think and take action.

“I urge global leaders to take an intersectional approach to climate justice and consider that people of color face the brunt of the climate crisis,” Leah Thomas, one of the honorees and the author of “The Intersectional Environmentalist,” told Insider.

Another finalist, Georges Tijbosch, the CEO of MiQ, said: “We must focus on high-impact actions. Perfect cannot be the enemy of the good as we transition to a renewable future.” 

Today, Insider is launching a new destination — One Planet — that draws inspiration from the messages of Climate Action 30.

One Planet is Insider’s new hub for climate news, analysis, and action

One Planet aims to report on progress to combat the climate crisis and surface tangible steps that every person can take to drive change — at home, in the workplace, and in their communities.

The One Planet destination will feature stories from around the world on everything from sustainable travel and products to environmental, social, and governance, or ESG, considerations in investing and large-scale transition. We will cover climate justice and the Global South, as well as spotlight breakthrough technology and leaders who are innovating in their fields. 

Our reporting will be enhanced with photography and video storytelling to bring these pressing issues and opportunities to life. The project will also convene in-person and virtual events adjacent to the world’s biggest global climate activations, such as COP28 and Climate Week NYC. 

Underpinning One Planet will be the spirit of entrepreneurship and the innovations and technologies that will unlock climate progress.

“As the publication for people who want to make life better, Insider’s goals for One Planet are threefold: to help our audience understand what’s happening to our world — both on the personal and macro level — due to climate change; to identify and scrutinize potential solutions; and to hold powerful people who say they are solving these problems to account,” said Nicholas Carlson, Insider’s global editor in chief.

Journalists from across Insider’s global newsroom will contribute to One Planet

One Planet will be led by editor Lily Katzman, who also edited the Climate Action 30 project. Insider’s sustainability coverage is helmed by senior editor Tim Paradis and senior reporter Catherine Boudreau, though contributors to this section will span the newsroom, as well as our bureaus in London and Singapore. 

For Earth Month in April, One Planet will feature a report on sustainable-technology innovation and partnerships, a gallery of women in climate leadership, and a guide to travel that’s good for you and the planet. 

“One Planet is a place where readers can come to feel educated and inspired to make an impact in their own world, whether big or small,” Katzman said. “Through this newsroom-wide initiative, we have the opportunity to think about climate action holistically across our business, life, news, and service divisions, while exploring new formats that empower our readers to make change.”

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