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U.S. senators press Amtrak CEO on “train ride from hell“


Amtrak’s Stephen Gardner (L) speaks to New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy (R) and members of a state Congressional delegation during a tour of the Gateway Project through the North River Tunnel beneath the Hudson River, in Weehawken, New Jersey, U.S., January, 28, 2019. Ed Murray/N.J. Advance Media/Pool via REUTERS

A group of four U.S. senators on Wednesday asked passenger railroad Amtrak Chief Executive Stephen Gardner to answer questions about a Virginia to Florida train last week that faced lengthy delays after another train derailed.

The senators noted one passenger dubbed it the “train ride from hell.” During what turned into a 37-hour-long journey “passengers reported limited access to food, bathrooms, and medical care, as well as limited ability for pet owners to disembark, resulting in feces on train floors,” the senators wrote. The senators — Commerce Committee chair Maria Cantwell, Richard Blumenthal, Ed Markey and Ben Cardin — asked Amtrak to detail its policies and procedures for passenger care and compensation in the event of similar delayed incidents.