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CEO Satya Nadella prepares Microsoft for an epic bounce-back

Happy Friday eve, reader. I’m Diamond Naga Siu, and I love talking about careers. One of my favorite pieces of advice is that you don’t really switch jobs — you switch managers. That’s a big deal, because a lot of people apparently dislike their managers.

Thankfully, I like my editor. But Microsoft’s former head of HR shares how to navigate this tricky dynamic if you aren’t so lucky.

Vibing with my manager is a large part of my psychological safety at work — a concept that Googlers claim the company violated during its massive layoffs. 

But psychological safety researchers say that feeling isn’t tied to job security. Instead, it comes from the ability to take risks and make mistakes. The way companies treat employees — such as during layoffs — impacts that. And unhappy employees take fewer risks, and thus are less innovative.

Before Insider stops me from making more jokes, let’s dive into today’s tech.

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Satya NadellaSatya Nadella

Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

1. Jumpman, jumpman, jumpman, Nadella’s up to something (cloud). Microsoft reported earnings on Tuesday, and its cloud growth is slowing down. But CEO Satya Nadella shared his plan for how Microsoft can rebound with the economy.

  • Customers are currently more cautious about how they spend their money. But Microsoft sees this as an opportunity to assist customers with stretching their IT dollars. This could help the company to slowly gain share and build customer loyalty.
  • Nadella also remains pretty optimistic about the sector. He believes that cloud spending could return by the end of this year. And analysts seem to agree with him.
  • Insider cloud connoisseur Paayal Zaveri breaks down why the slowdown won’t last forever. And she lays out Microsoft’s bounce-back prospects in full.

Get the sky-high, cloud view here.

In other news:

Netflix sign in page displayed on a laptop screen and Netflix logo displayed on a phoneNetflix will introduce its paid-sharing account before the end of March.

Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

2. Netflix says password sharing could disappear within 10 weeks. Netflix is cracking down on people sharing accounts. It already implemented this model in Latin America, charging $3 per month to add people outside of their home. Learn about the changes here (no password required).

3. Do Matthew McConaughey and lowkey run Salesforce? The two celebs are involved in high-level strategy and business discussions, according to a new FT report. CEO Marc Benioff Just Can’t Get Enough celeb friends, which allegedly concerns investors. Peek inside their involvement here.

4. ChatGPT aced Amazon’s interview questions. An Amazon engineer tested ChatGPT by giving it the company’s technical interview questions. Leaked Slack messages showed that the engineer was “honestly impressed” by the results. Check out its performance.

5. Bloomberg is on a hiring spree. Many major companies across industries are laying people off or pausing hiring. But Bloomberg plans to bring on 1,000 people this year across media, tech, and other divisions. More on its expansion plan.

6. The 100 fastest-growing digital brands. Similarweb’s roundup covers tech, beauty, autos, financial services, careers, travel, and other increasingly-online industries. Skims, Capital One Travel, and GasBuddy were featured on the list. Check them all out here.

7. Google laid off 31 massage therapists. Good luck to Googlers searching for relaxation. During its recent mass layoff, the tech giant let go of 31 massage therapists across its California offices. More on the strain here.

8. Tesla’s autopilot feature is falling behind. Consumer Reports found that Tesla’s driver assistance technology lags the competition. Ford took the top spot, while General Motors was second. See how the others stack up.

Odds and ends:

ship deck built with heavy equipment with water shooting into the air over the deckThe US Army Corps of Engineers flushes the water jets of a dredge’s suction head.


9. The Mississippi River drought is almost over. The US government has been working 24/7 to clean out the river since July. Water levels got so low that barges got stranded and historic artifacts were revealed. Dive into how the extraordinary circumstances could end soon.

10. “Monk mode” helped this CEO during crunchtime. TikTok popularized a productivity hack called “monk mode.” It’s a method of accomplishing goals by isolating yourself, while adopting the self-discipline of monks. He shared how the experiment went.

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