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Here’s how to invest in the AI craze, according to ChatGPT

In this photo illustration, the ChatGPT (OpenAI) logo is displayed on a smartphone screen.OpenAI’s ChatGPT has taken the internet by storm.

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  • ChatGPT has lit up interest in artificial intelligence on the internet and among investors. 
  • Insider’s Carla Mozée asked OpenAI’s buzzy chatbot how to get in on the AI craze. 
  • Some mega-cap tech names like Google and ETFs were on its list of ideas. 

ChatGPT – a source for hot stock tips?

That’s a stretch, but OpenAI’s chatbot has ignited an internet and investing frenzy surrounding artificial intelligence. ChatGPT has accelerated interest in natural-language technology, as the fun-to-use tool displays a human-like ability to perform tasks such as addressing investment question and writing layoff emails

I jumped into ChatGPT and asked two questions about getting exposure to AI through the financial markets. ChatGPT’s suggestions included well-known companies such as Microsoft, but it also offered assets that aren’t tech behemoths or household names. 

How can I invest in the AI craze?

“There are several ways to invest in AI,” ChatGPT answered. “1. Invest in technology companies that are developing AI products or services. 2. Invest in venture capital funds that specialize in AI startups. 3. Invest in AI-related stocks,” for starters.

The tool’s examples of tech companies working with AI were Microsoft, IBM, and Google’s parent Alphabet. For AI-focused companies, Nvidia, Intel and Applied Materials popped up. 

It also suggested AI-focused ETFs including the Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence ETF  and the ARK Innovation ETF, the fund run by high-profile money manager Cathie Wood. 

“Purchase shares of private AI companies,” it also responded.”This can be done through equity crowdfunding or venture capital firms.” 

ChatGPT’s charm stems from its natural-language ability, so I asked it:

What companies can I invest in for exposure to natural language processing?

Its response:

1. Amazon (AMZN): Amazon is a leader in natural language processing (NLP), leveraging its AWS platform to provide customers with a suite of NLP solutions, including Amazon Lex, Amazon Comprehend, and Amazon Transcribe.

2. Microsoft (MSFT): Microsoft has a number of different NLP products, including Microsoft Cognitive Services and the Azure Machine Learning platform. (ChatGPT didn’t tell me that Microsoft is a major partner of OpenAI.

3. Google (GOOGL): Google has a variety of NLP products, including Google Cloud Natural Language and Google Cloud Speech-to-Text.

4. IBM (IBM): IBM has a variety of different NLP solutions, including Watson Natural Language Understanding and Watson Discovery.

5. Apple (AAPL): Apple has a variety of NLP solutions, including the Apple Machine Learning platform and the Natural Language Framework.

The hype surrounding Artificial Intelligence has spilled over into retail investments,” Vanda Research, which tracks retail investing activity in more than 9,000 stocks and ETFs, said in a note this week. 

ChatGPT didn’t mention, but I’ll forgive it. stock has more than doubled this year, with this week’s surge set off after the business AI software maker said it would integrate ChatGPT into its lineup of AI tools. 

For now, you can’t invest directly in research lab OpenAI. But I asked ChatGPT anyway: Can I invest in ChatGPT?

“No, ChatGPT is not an investment platform. It is a platform that enables users to earn rewards by simply chatting with bots.”


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