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Michael Novakhov @mikenov

kremlin.ru/events/president/… Встреча с Михаилом Котюковым 20 апреля 2023 года Московская область, Ново-Огарёво

Michael Novakhov @mikenov My Opinion – #Opinion Five Points #Peace Plan for #Ukraine:

1.Establish the Republic of #Crimea, which will include the territories presently occupied by #Russia; under the joint sovereignty and jurisdictions of Ukraine, Russia, and #EU (with participation of #Turkey), with the details to be refined later.

2. Establish the plans for BOTH Ukraine and Russia to join #NATO within their individual projected time frames and the agreements of #Cooperation. Make #Sebastopol the joint Ukraine – Russia – NATO #naval base. The unresolved issues of the (First) Crimean #War (1853-1856) and the recent Cold and “Warm” (200-2023) #wars will be thus resolved.

3. Both Ukraine and Russia (with the useful close participation of #Germany) should undergo the #national rehabilitation processes of #DECOMMUNIZATION and #DENAZIFICATION, political prisoners should be released. The #Mafia states, wherever they are, with the corresponding styles of governing, should be #ERADICATED. The joint Ukraine – Russia – EU #security structures should be developed, with the maximum of #transparency and #legality.

4. #Putin has to retire before all these changes can happen. The further personal plans for him can be determined later. #Russian #Revolutions happen from above.

5. The #US should take the active and leading roles in these proposed changes.


September 26, 2023 5:58 am 

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